Friday, February 15, 2008


Actually, I'm talking about these boobs, as reported in the Los Angeles Times:

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power came under fire Thursday for paying specialists to show new and expectant mothers at the utility how to properly breast-feed their children.

The plan to issue another DWP-funded "lactation services" contract drew howls from taxpayer advocate Walter Moore, who pointed out that the utility's five-member board voted just last week for a package of new water and electrical rate hikes.

I admit I haven't spent much time around mothers with newborn children, but a nurse friend tells me most hospitals will clue the new mommy in on what to do. That seems a long way from having the DWP pay to have its employees shown the, ummm, ropes.

This, on top of the city's incredibly generous maternity leave policies and fancy insurance plans....

It's an issue of separation of mommies and state, if you ask me. Or mommies and city, in this case.


Japee said...

How many employees do they have to justify that? Most hospitals have a lactation consultant who is available as long as folks need advice. I've never heard of companies hiring their own.

I did get a kick out of the comment in the article from the person who said they had no interest because they were lactose intolerant. Heh.

John said...

Isn't that a somewhat natural process? Unbelievable. Do they teach them how to conceive, as well?
The nanny state is on a roll.

Anonymous said...

Where will this end?? When the kids are a bit older are they going to give their male employees instructions on how to take the little tykes out for some manly hunting and fishing? Makes about as much sense to me.


DeleteMe said...

Yes, hospitals do help new mommies with this. As a mommy myself, I know this. Since having a baby already costs an arm and a leg and you get this service from them, I can see why the people are upset that taxpayers are paying for this.


emd said...

John's comment:

"Unbelievable. Do they teach them how to conceive, as well?"

That comes next. Wait till you see your water bill THEN!