Friday, November 16, 2007

This would be interesting to watch... least for someone who is observing from outside, and could walk away when it gets too disturbing.

But it's happening to me, damnit, and I'm stuck with it.

Today could only have been worse if some drug-crazed gangbanger had chosen me as a good target for a drive-by. Wait...that wouldn't have been so bad. It would have cured my constant headache and other somewhat frightening signs of my body's distaste for a steady stream of disasters, large and small.

Having gotten this far, I now realize I can't describe any of what's been going on. Let's just say it has been more than I can deal with.

It's strange: people come to me for advice and help, both in work and personal situations. Each is immersed in their own moment of need when they tap me for aid. They don't know I can't even help me.

I'm the one who needs a shoulder to lean on, a pair of sympathetic ears and advice. I'm the one who needs to simply give in to the pressure, at least for a while, and be told that all the greedheads and creeps who are shooting at me right now can be overcome.

No one here like that, Jim.

I have a feeling God isn't hearing my prayers this week. Maybe that's because I'm the one asking for help this time.


lowandslow said...

You say you need a shoulder to lean on, a pair of sympathetic ears and advice, but there is no one out there like that? Rubbish. I personally know of a couple of people with strong shoulders willing to help steady you for a while. Share your # and I'll call on my dime. Take care of yourself, Scribbs.


Birdie said...

I know of someone, too, Scribby! You are NOT alone, just too far away....

Oh, and it's not unusual to be the one to give advice, yet not be able to practice what you preach. Ever notice how many marriage couselors are divorced? *wink*

John said...

Don't deny the friends you have. It can be easy not to see when others make effort or sacrifice. It is not a one way street. That may not change the pressure of everything, but that is a truer perspective. I don't think you'd want to be underselling or doing an injustice to people who have stepped up to the plate.

MrScribbler said...

John -- True. It's too easy to ignore them in times of stress.

Part of the reason is of course my own inability to reach out to genuine friends in times of stress. I'm inundated with people coming at me to get my time and attention, and that tends to shut me down as far as talking to others who do care.

DAL said...

We all can listen. I'm available to call you as well. PM me and we'll set it up.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what I can say, except that I can relate to the notion of people always asking for help when you can't even help yourself.

Again, I hope things turn around for ya!

Best wishes,