Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It's not all bad...

...but it might as well be.

The story I was so worried about? The one that was making me go through all sorts of strange mind-trips and doubts?

I sent it in this morning, and got an email from the editor a few hours later:

"Wow -- that was fast! And it's good, too! Must say, you're really proficient at this. I would love to have one of your pieces in every issue.

A relief, no?


Why the hell did it come on a day when I'm so angry/depressed/wacked out that it means nothing to me?

Not her fault. It's my fault. She's an excellent editor, and never messes with my stuff. I like her, like working with her.

But she can't -- and won't -- say the Magic Words. She's not in a position to say them, in either personal or professional categories.

I give her credit for trying, though.

Tomorrow's another glad-handing, "networking" get-together. I do not want to be there. But I have no choice.

The Nice Guy "me" seems to be away. All I have left is the side of me I don't particularly like.



joan said...

Congratulations! The day might suck but this is great news. Well done. I am proud as punch to virtually know you.

susananne said...

Sending you hugs and good wishes. I am proud of you too and wish that you could have a peice in every issue.

justfly said...

I think it is great she thought so well of your piece.
I am sure Nice Guy "you" will be back.