Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sidetracked... a neighbor who announced that she had just bought a bottle of Patron, which is very near the best of Mexico's fermented cactus juice beverages.

Six healthy shots later, I abandoned all though of continuing with my article. I did, however, managed to turn out 997 words before I hung it up, which leaves roughly 500 to go. Piece o' cake. I can do that in the morning.

Besides, the article was continuing to weird me out. Too many shadows floating into it, too many personal references I had to kill before they got woven into the fabric and rhythm of the piece.

This is what happens to unskilled writers (like me): they start at the beginning and just throw in anything they think fits. And they then hope a closing point eventually comes and they can wrap up the whole mess before someone turns out the lights.

It's a stop-me-before-I-kill-again kind of thing.

So now I'm writing this.

I can think of maybe six places I'd rather be right now, and one (or maybe two) people I'd rather be at one of those places with. But I'm not.

And I won't be in the morning, when I will get an attack of the guilts and sit down to another day of cranking out the ol' words when I'd rather be elsewhere.

Is anyone still reading this?

I feel like maybe the most boring person in the known universe.

No, I know I'm not. But too few others know it.

How many times to I get to see what might be on the other side of the door without actually being let in?

Life ain't fair, Jim.


emd said...

Cool neighbor!

Birdie said...

hmmmm, unlike you to have a typo and this quote: "This is what happens to unskilled writers (like me)"

are you kidding me? you, unskilled? that stuff must have been quite potent! ;-)

lowandslow said...

"Most boring person in the universe..." Not even close, Scribbs. With all the things you've seen and done and have yet to do in your life, you have much to take to "show and tell". :)


Anonymous said...

aw com`on!!! everybody knows life IS fair! :)


lubie said...

MMM Patron. I am jealous. i don't think you are boring at all!

DAL said...

Words are supposed to flow, that's why I don't write very much :-)

A boring person in one with whom you meet on the street and answers the question "How are you?"

And their bumper sticker states "My other car is ALSO a Volvo"

joan said...

Boring, eh? Is that why we all keep coming back for more? :)

John said...

Life may be fair if you know and understand the rules. I think maybe the rules are different than what seems intuitive. That's as far as I got. Rule #1--if it seems like X is the likely thing, it probably isn't.

But why look a neighbor gift horse with a fresh bottle of Patron in the mouth? Never mind. That may be exactly where you want to look some neighbors.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, that is EXACTLY the way I write. I start and put in anything I think fits.

Yep, your neighbor sounds fun...????