Thursday, November 22, 2007

Relentless... in: never mind that I survived Thanksgiving (barely). The drumbeats for this Black Friday garbage have been pounding for a week. If I had any money, I would apparently be forced to go out and push through the throngs to get "special prices" on stuff I probably don't want and wouldn't give anyone as a gift.

Worse, I heard the first scattering of Christmas music on the radio today.

It's just not fair.

Maybe I'm wrong. It was probably "seasonal music" or "winter holiday music." Christ has been effectively banished; wonder when He'll be booted out of Easter, too?

Not my concern right now. I'm nursing the wounds of being alone on a day when being with friends and loved ones is virtually a matter of law, and I'm damned if I would even consider queuing up tomorrow to buy stuff.

And I have not yet begun to prepare my defenses for a Christmas/New Year's period to be experienced under the same conditions in effect today.

I have too much to get through before I can think of that. Hell, the end of December may not even matter.

At the very least, it seems damn near everyone else had a perfectly dandy day today. I like that.

But is it really necessary to start pimping for Santa-Day the second the last slice of pie has been served on Thanksgiving?


Anonymous said...

Not everyone had a great day. T'day Memphis style: half a block from the last studio session I played, a family was all together eating their big feast and decided to start shooting each other. None of the 6 kids got hurt but one adult kicked the bucket and another is in intensive care.
At least they had some excitement. I'm guessing Bing missed that party.
Just another thursday.

kit said...

Thing2 was under the weather today so we stood-up her family. Mine was driving north today so they can be at my aunt's 80th birthday party tomorrow. Not the best T-day for us either.

sugarcane said...

"Fucking Midget" spent the day with me and the family. She definitely made the day more interesting, as you can imagine.

becomingkate said...

Holidays were so rough for me after Dale passed away. I'm glad I have the kids and Bill now, if only to give me something to complain about, lol.
I think you should come up here for Christmas. Seriously! I'll take you to my sister's house for dinner and you and Bill can shoot the shit all afternoon :)

MrScribbler said...

ofly -- Someone didn't like the way the turkey was cooked? Police-wise, it was unusually quiet here yesterday. And no bodies at the base of the cliffs, either. Glad no kids were hurt....

kit -- Sorry to hear that. Take good care of T2 (I know you do, but I'm just sayin') and get on track for the next holidays.

sugar -- FM would be more fun than a gallon of spiked eggnog. If you had the eggnog as well, must have been uproarious!

kathy -- Haven't had Christmas in Canada for, oh, more than 25 years. I'm sure yours would be much nicer.

You do celebrate it the same day as we do, right? ;-)

becomingkate said...

Actually, we celebrate five days later, lol.

Anonymous said...

It happens earlier here cause Thanksgiving is earlier...Lou