Friday, November 30, 2007

It's raining...

...and I, for one, am delighted.

Yes, I love rain. Snow, too.

Strange, isn't it, that someone heavily into a monstro load of depression would get a smile out of seeing gray skies and rain?

I thought so, too, but then I began to think about it.

Rain is far too rare here. Snow is, well, nonexistent. I usually have to be somewhere else to enjoy them.

So wet weather, like so many things, is something I crave but seldom, if ever, get to savor. And then when I get a taste of it, it never lasts long enough.

I'm nothing if not consistent, Jim.


justfly said...

I love rainy days.

PezDabbler said...

actually, i've always found rain soothing when in a bout of depression. something about the weather feeling more in sympathy is my theory.

Anonymous said...


....quack-quack. quack:)

Anonymous said...

I like rain. I love sleeping in rain. I'm not crazy about thunder and lightening though!

Have you changed your sign-in thing? I can't do it except anonymously..this is Betty..

John said...

Is this Jim perhaps Jim Beam?
My friend south of you gets excited when it rains there too. There are times when it is the best thing ever.
When your down it's the sunny days that can get to you. Rain is relief.

John said...

you're not your

Anonymous said...

I LOVE rain !!!!!! Love it!