Sunday, June 10, 2007

Warning: it's going to get worse.

One of Jorge Bush's closest amigos, Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez, made an appearance on the CNN program "Late Edition" and said the immigration reform bill "is not dead. It is alive and well, and the administration is more determined than ever to see it passed."

I could just repeat the question posed in the last entry, but the whys are wherefores no longer matter. As long as Jorge, booze-hound Ted Kennedy and a host of Senators with seriously impaired thought processes are hell-bent on throwing the borders open and turning this into a third-world socialist state, there is but one option, and that is for the millions who rose up in protest over the last few weeks to carry our activism to a new level.

As far as I'm concerned, each of those who appeared in my Hall of Shame yesterday have committed at least one impeachable offense: they have conspired to violate our existing laws. Every law we need to control our borders, deal with lawbreakers and ensure an orderly flow of legal immigrants is already on the books.

Last year's law mandating the construction of 750 miles of border fence -- which would only cover roughly one-third of the border anyway -- was passed and signed by Jorge. To date, estimates of new fence construction vary between two and 12 miles.

What has Jorge done in 6 1/2 years to seal the border? He sent in some National Guard troops, who are not allowed to take any enforcement action. They can watch, and wash the Border Patrol's trucks. Under his direction there have been a handful of show "raids" on companies employing illegals, netting, at best, a couple hundred who were not subsequently deported.

Oh yes: he also managed to get some innocent Border Patrol agents thrown in jail, thanks to the illegal zeal of his Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, his pet persecutor Johnny Sutton and a tame judge, Kathleen Cardone.

For that act alone, Jorge, Gonzales, Sutton, Cardone and everyone who aided and abetted this conspiracy to violate the civil rights of the agents deserve jail time.

It should not be necessary for the public to have to tell Jorge or the Congress -- all of whom are well paid, have wonderful health and pension plans, are fawned over far beyond their value to humanity and live in the kind of splendor King Farouk would envy -- that they were sent to Washington to do one job only: they are there to protect Americans.

Some of you may find my call to remove every one of the amnesty-for-illegals crowd from their offices somewhat harsh and unrealistic.

It isn't.

If they don't uphold our laws, act according to our wishes and care for our legitimate needs, they are violating their oaths of office and must be impeached.

I understand that it's a big job. So, in the spirit of compromise, I suggest we concentrate our efforts to the indictment of Jorge, Teddy, Harry Reid, John McCain, John Kyl and Hillary Clinton for high crimes and misdemeanors. That should serve as an adequate warning to any other political shitweasel who puts personal power and gain over their clear, sworn duty.

Hell, we could kick Jorge out on the grounds of being the stupidest man to ever inhabit the Oval Office.

The alternative? It can only he the total destruction of our country, its economy and social infrastructure and, inevitably, the kinds of armed insurrections and violent protests that regularly plague third world nations.

Because if the amnesty giveaway makes it into law, this will be a third world nation, and in less time than you can imagine.

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John said...

That seems to have been the goal of some for a long time. All the little compromises along the way are adding up quickly. After 100years, I'm not surprised.
I doubt the momentum can be slowed or stopped without some kind of shake up.