Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The war is NOT over!

I'm not referring to the so-called "war on terror," which Jorge Bush is mishandling so badly. Instead, I'm concerned here with the traitors in Congress and the White House that have declared war on the United States, its constitution and its citizens.

I refer to Jorge, Senators Kennedy, Kyl, Feinstein, McCain and many others as traitors with full knowledge of what the accusation means.

What else can you call those who consider it a holy mission to deprive us of our freedom, money and jobs in favor of encouraging the flow of millions of illegal aliens into our nation?

We defeated their scheme last week. And now we have to do it again.

Yesterday, Jorge said, in his garbled manner, that his priority as president is to encourage the violation of our laws. Likewise, Sen. Kyl boasted that the bill would pass by July 4th.

Which means the death of our nation will come 231 years and one day after we declared our independence.

Unless, that is, we declare war on those who intend to destroy us.

Yes, this is war.

But, unlike the illegals themselves, who have marched and demanded preferential treatment and, unlike the amnesty-driven traitors who brand us racist, hate-filled and unwilling to "do what's right for America," we will fight the battle peacefully, using the law as our shield.

We must start now. Today.

Contact the White House -- comments@whitehouse.gov and at 202 456-1111 -- and your Senators -- phone numbers and email addresses are available by clicking the "Senators" link on http://senate.gov -- and express your unwillingness to acquiesce in their sellout scheme.

Find every petition you can sign (one is at http://grassfire.com ) and sign it.

When you see pro-amnesty editorials in newspapers -- the New York Times, L.A. Times and Washington Post are regular supporters of this treasonous act -- flood them with emails.

It will take millions -- probably tens of millions -- of patriotic, law-abiding Americans to derail the conspiracy.

I have no illusions about Jorge. He is firmly convinced that every one of his mad schemes and crooked cronies is "right for America." He neither reads nor listens. He is unteachable.

But we have a hold on the Congress. They serve at our pleasure.

And if we cannot convince them to behave honorably -- a gargantuan task in some cases, since they have long gotten away with crimes ranging from misuse of public money and extortion to drunk driving and (at a minimum) involuntary manslaughter -- we will have no alternative but to remove them from office and find honest, ethical and patriotic Americans to replace them.

PARENTHETICAL RELEVANT THOUGHT: we could get more honest "servants of the people" out of prisons. The voters of California, Massachusetts, Nevada, New York and several other states should be ashamed of themselves for repeatedly sending the same scumbags to Washington.

We must not let the United States become a socialistic, third-world banana republic without a fight.

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John said...

I sent the email but I have to say, I am uncomfortable sending anything or signing petitions because I have no trust of the honesty of the system or the database wishes of these people. Do they take note or just filter it into the big list? Paranoid, I know, but with reason. The sent that last border patrol guy to jail for trying to do the right thing with adoption paperwork.