Thursday, June 14, 2007

Back home!

Finally, for the first time since Sunday, I can see my very own blogspot page!

No one seems to know what the problem was, or if they do they ain't tellin.' I do know from reading in a couple of the discussion groups that others in the Los Angeles/Southern California area were suffering the same problem.

Now, for 24 straight hours, all seems well, and I feel the urge to start posting here again.

I love writing here. It's a simple, direct process with little to gripe about. I have the latest layout done for me by my dear adopted daughter, and there's no "upgrade" to pay for to get good service.

One four-day hiccup in operation isn't major, especially considering what we (don't) pay for the service.

So welcome myself back, me!

1 comment:

SunnyLane said...

Welcome back, MrScribbler. My Blogger spot has been ok all this time. !?

Hope you get back here to post again too. You just got back, and now you are gone!