Monday, June 25, 2007

Not looking forward to tomorrow...

...for a whole bunch of reasons.

Of course tomorrow is the day when the Senate gets back into the amnesty bill. I fear that the pressure from Jorge Bush, Eduardo "the Drunk Caballero" Kennedy, rapacious corporations, corrupt foreign governments and drug cartels will be too strong for those few Senators who still have a small vestige of conscience left, and the bill will go on to eventual passage.

A little taste of the future was given to some citizens in Los Angeles yesterday. Led by Ted Hayes, best known for his advocacy for the homeless, a group of anti-illegal-alien demonstrators applied for -- and received -- a permit to hold a rally in a local park. When they arrived, various pro-illegal demonstrators (sans permit) had blocked entrances to the park. And what did the police do? They told the legal citizens with a permit to go home. Hayes was arrested when he tried to lead the demonstrators into the park anyway.

Welcome to North Tijuana.

As is true with Jorge, Eduardo and the rest of the open-borders traitors, Los Angeles Police Department -- no doubt at the instigation of Antonio "we clean your toilets!" Villaraigosa -- has become a willing tool for the traitors' "Sanctuary City" movement.

Some say the two leading traitors -- Jorge and Eduardo -- are angling for a "legacy." After all, Jorge's greatest accomplishment to date is screwing up, without exception, every opportunity he had to do something positive for the country. And of course Eduardo's sole claim to fame is that he avoided any punishment whatsoever for committing several felonies (including manslaughter) that, for anyone not a Kennedy, would have meant serious jail time and an aborted career.

Oh, wait. Eduardo can sing Spanish drinking songs, too.

They'll have a legacy, all right. So will all the other shitweasels conspiring to pull off this treasonous act.

They will have destroyed the nation that protected them, has given them a far better life than their abilities could have earned them and -- more fools we -- trusted them.

The deathwatch begins tomorrow.


Rodrigo said...

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John said...

lovely comments.
People don't get what is most elemental about this bill. It will place a burden of proof on citizens already here and documented. It will increase the cost of having a business because of regulations, not because of removing illegal labor. The plan is control. Immigration issues are secondary to their real prize.