Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ignacio Ramos

It turns out that Ignacio Ramos has Tourette's Syndrome, and has had it for years. As with most Tourette's patients, he has controlled it through diet and medication, and has functioned in a perfectly normal manner throughout his adult life.

Unfortunately, the prison where that miserable piece of crap Johnny Sutton put him won't allow Ramos his medication, and have been feeding him food Americans (or their pets) just shouldn't have to eat while keeping him locked up in solitary confinement.

Between the lack of medicine, stress and bad diet, Ramos's condition is deteriorating, according to Tara Setmayer, a representative of Rep. Dana Rohrbacher, who visited him recently. He has lost at least 30 lbs. and is showing some Tourette's symptoms. Interviewed on the John & Ken show on KFI radio, the representative said that Rohrbacher has made requests for better conditions for Ramos, but has been rebuffed.

This is the kind of treatment Ramos might have been given in Nazi Germany.

Jorge Bush and Johnny Sutton should not only be ashamed of themselves, they should be imprisoned. What they have done goes far beyond morality and simple human decency; it is criminal.

I suppose those who carried out Jorge's and Johnny's orders -- officials at the DEA, at Homeland "Security," in the kangaroo court where Ramos and Jose Compean were tried and at the prison -- can claim they were "just following orders."

That excuse didn't work for the Nazi "judges" and camp administrators. It must not work for Bush's Open-Border Storm Troopers.

From the top down, they are all criminals.

But they eat well, live comfortably and are denied nothing, while the victims of their lust to kiss the asses of corrupt Mexican leaders and drug-smugglers are losing not just their freedom, but their health.

This is an outrage, and it doesn't get better.

It won't be better until Ramos and Compean -- and Deputy Gilmer Hernandez -- are free, are made whole, and their persecutors are called to stand in judgment for their vile actions.

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