Thursday, June 28, 2007


The Mexican flag over the White House is flying at half-staff today, as the Destroy-America bill got shot down in the Senate.

Little credit need be given the Senators who changed their votes from Tuesday. I suspect the bribes weren't big enough for some, and others saw their cushy little political careers going up in smoke as the public expressed disgust with their treasonous intentions.

It is no coincidence that the wet-brain lefties now want to go after "talk radio" for spreading disinformation. After all, it's unfair to let people express their opinions if they don't agree with open-borders socialists.

Clearly, they believe Americans are stupid enough to buy their reprehensible policies if radio stations are forced by law to ram their insane yammerings down the public's throats.

One of my Senators, the crooked Dianne Feinstein, called everyone who called, wrote or emailed her protesting her support for illegal aliens "racists." That would include me, I guess, and it offends the hell out of me.

PARENTHETICAL NOTE: Yes, I called her a "crook" just as she called me a "racist." But what else can you call someone who held a top position in a Senate military procurement committee and funneled millions upon millions of dollars in contracts to her husband's businesses?

Eduardo "Midnight Swim" Kennedy says none of the opponents to his sellout dreams offered a solution. As usual, he lied.

The opponents have suggested from Day One that existing laws -- against illegal entry, document fraud, hiring of illegals, etc, -- should be enforced.

Still, the American public did chime in, loud and often, and forced the arrogant traitors in the Senate to listen to them.

It's a start, anyway.

Bush got a solid boot in the butt today. So did Kennedy, McCain, Kerry, Lindsey Graham and many other sanctimonious shitweasels who think they have absolute power over us.

Now we need to start removing the traitors from office. It won't be easy, but the country is worth it.


Interested said...

Dianne is bedfellows with my Senator, Hillary or Billary, and no I did not vote for her :P

Birdie said...

you mean I can now keep my American citizenship and not give it up for German? I was seriously considering it if this stupidness had continued. I guess democracy works after all!

John said...

It would be real easy to get them out. Don't vote either party unless the person is too radical for his registered party to claim him or her. Like Ron Paul.
Or me.

betty said...

We wrote to a whole bunch of senators. The only one who was nasty was Boxer. She said we didn't have any say in it because we don't live in California. The grass roots did it and I'm proud of us!

MrScribbler said...

Betty -- Boxer treats her own constituents the same way. She's as arrogant as they come, a perfect match for Bush, Hillary and Feinstein.

The heck with 'em. We beat them today and, if necessary, we can do it again.