Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Senate is again ready to sell out our country...

...and the process begins on Tuesday.

I am assuming many of the amnesty-for-all supporters will be too busy Monday nursing hangovers and/or raking in those last-minute bribes from corrupt corporations, foreign governments and drug cartels to be ready to stagger into the Senate chamber.

The rhetoric has become more and more bizarre as the days have gone by, and the desperation of the pro-treason forces has become appallingly clear.

Dianne Feinstein -- taking a break from trying to push government contracts toward her hubby's businesses, and having seen that evil "talk radio" has encouraged ordinary citizens to rebel against the sell-out -- is yammering about reviving the so-called "fairness doctrine," the wacko-left's way of ensuring themselves plenty of air time even when no one wants to listen. She must be watching Hugo Chavez doing the same in Venezuela with mounting jealousy;

Teddy Kennedy, sounding well in his cups, called a popular Spanish-language radio program in Los Angeles on Friday morning and, in a cracking, alcohol-roughened voice sang some kind of Mexican song to show his support for the station's advocacy of reconquista;

Jorge Bush spewed out his gibberish every chance he got;

And of course all the small bought-and-paid-for fish, like pathetic, senile Trent Lott, were busy pimping for the country's destruction as well.

Even if the motives of one or two of the shitweasels (the minor-league ones, anyway; the "bigs" are long past caring about trivia like the Constitution) had anything to do with honest concern for the country -- in which case they would have buried this stupid plan long ago -- their "reasoning" is so specious as to be laughable.

If the fallout wasn't going to hurt every citizen and legal resident in the U.S., I'd laugh.

For example, they keep babbling about the "difficulty" of the "path to citizenship" for the illegals they care most about.

Difficult? No jail time for the many, many laws they've already broken? A $5000 fine -- if the illegals' pressure groups don't kill it -- that they have eight years to pay? Forgiveness of tax debt? Investigations into their possible past crimes that must be completed in 24 hours (when it takes months for a U.S. citizen to renew a passport)?

And here, to me, is the most important point: All of these crooked fools believe the illegals want to become citizens.

Why the hell should they? They'll be able to work here, bring in their families, get welfare benefits and free medical care just as they do now without the "path to citizenship." Why screw up a good thing by becoming a citizen? Citizens don't get what the illegals get.

And, oh yes, they are spreading more lies about "enforcement." They're going to spend $4 billion right away to build fences and hire Border Patrol agents and do all that other stuff they should have been doing all along. They're saying "see? As soon as we're through letting in all the illegals we want, we're going to get real tough on the next bunch."

PARENTHETICAL HYPOTHETICAL STATEMENT: Convicted felon to judge: "Your Honor, just let me rob one more bank and I promise to never do it again."

The best look at what we'll face came, inadvertently, from Trent Lott, the despicable Senator who once spoke so eloquently about how his ultra-racist pal Strom Thurmond should have been president. I heard him being interviewed the other day. He was asked why, if the Senate had approved 700-plus miles of new border fence last year, only a couple of miles of fence have been built so far.

Saith Lott: "We can only pass the legislation, provide the money and tell them to build it. We can't make them do it"

That is what the response will be from Congress's Fifth Column when the the "comprehensive" bill transforms the country into a land as pathetic, poverty stricken and corrupt as Mexico. "We told them to follow the rules...we can't make them do it!"

Or as Teddy Kennedy said when pleading for the 1986 amnesty bill (which led directly to this new, more ambitious bill, and let millions of new illegals waltz in): If we pass this bill, we won't have to deal with illegal immigration again in our lifetimes."

Are we going to let these criminals get away with treason?

I'm starting my third round of emails, faxes and phone calls tomorrow. I hope all of you will do likewise.

BEEG, BEEG OPDATE, MANG! If you don't believe booze-hound Teddy Kennedy was displaying his singing talents to his illegal-alien Mexican supporters, go here.

Push the little button-thing about 60% along, so you don't have to listen to too much John & Ken. They're pretty annoying....

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John said...

Tell me Ted did not literally sing in spanish.

MrScribbler said...

John -- Ted sang in Spanish.

After, the show's host said "mang, you a great seenger!"


John said...

21:30 into it is where Ted lets loose. That was a bit much to take. They couldn't shut him up.
That one item is an unfortunate metaphor for America. Starkly stated.

Sunny said...

Ahhh, our country is in deep doo-doo.