Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The stench is Washington gets worse... the countdown to the deciding vote on destroying the United States goes on.

What Jorge Bush, Eduardo Kennedy, Harry Reid and the rest of the traitors in Washington are pushing is, simply stated, this:

-- A bill that no Senator has read in its entirety, because it is being written as they go along;

-- A bill that has had no rational debate, no public hearings, no opportunity for input from the citizens of America whose lives it will damage;

-- A bill that has not had a proper cost analysis done, except by an outside foundation that estimates it will cost American taxpayers $2.6 trillion;

-- A bill that rewards those who violate our laws and punishes those who have taken a legal path to residency;

-- A bill that four-fifths of the American public dislikes;

-- A bill that opens our borders to terrorists, criminals and others who will only take from, not contribute to, the United States;

-- A bill in which every so-called "enforcement" provision (at least as far as I can tell, since the current version of the bill is not being made public) is followed by a line essentially saying that "nothing in this [section] compels the government to take action;"

-- A bill that gives lawbreakers immunity from crimes they have committed and more rights than citizens and legal residents enjoy.

After listening to some of the Senators giving statements and being interviewed today, I have come to the reluctant conclusion that the fix is in, and the borders will soon be thrown open.

Some time back, I posted a list of questions each Senator -- and Jorge Bush -- need to answer. Since they seem unwilling to answer any questions, even the most basic, I doubt that we'll ever know how many promises (funded with our tax dollars) and bribes (from corrupt corporate entities, foreign governments and drug cartels) they have received.

Judas betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. The price of betrayal has gone up, I'm sure.

But someone is paying the new, higher price, because the betrayal is a virtual certainty as of now.

Enjoy your last days living in a nation where the rule of law has any meaning. Enjoy your last days living under the myth that we have a representative government.

Prepare to be subjected to more government interference in your lives. Be prepared to surrender your job and much more of your money to support people who have violated our nation's laws. Be prepared to become a part of a North American Union.

Be prepared for more crime and violence.

You will be able to thank the treasonous, lying, self-centered, self-important swine in Washington for your new life.

But, as they are not listening to the millions of Americans who have made phone calls, sent letters, emails and faxes in protest of their criminal actions on the amnesty bill, don't expect them to give a damn what you, who pay their salaries and contribute to the maintenance of their corrupt lifestyles, have to say.

They don't have to listen.

They will not have to listen until American citizens and legal residents rise up, remove them from power and force them to face justice in a court of law.

That is how traitors must be handled.


betty said...

I heard a commentator say that Bush is pushing this because he wants it to be done by a Republican president. Why? This seems like a death wish to me!

Anonymous said...

I am so frustrated by our government. Why, when so many American citizens don't want this immigration bill to pass, do our elected officials persist in making this bill a reality?

I seriously wish there was something we could do to get their attention.

John said...

I think it just got shot down again. I'm susre that with the way they have been putting bits and pieces of things into unrelated bills, they'll try the backdoor approach. For now, it is slowed down.
No pardon yet for Ramos, Compean, and friends. What pricks we have in Washington.

John said...

they had to shut down switch boards at the capitol bldg. Clowns