Sunday, June 24, 2007

Back again...

...this time, I hope, to stay now that whatever gremlin was keeping me from getting in here seems to have been banished.

Not that I've been wearing out my keyboard with posts over there. Ranting, certainly; there's more to rant about in our disintegrating nation (and world) than I have time to deal with.

"Deal with" may be the operative phrase. I can't "deal with" any of the lunacy that seems to have gripped our government. And, unless you happen to be one of those Big Donors who keeps the political hacks fat and sassy (and insulated from reality), you can't "deal with" it either.

Doesn't mean I won't carry on ranting. If the only place anyone knows (and, on occasion, cares) about what I think is here, so be it.

But there are other issues, closer to home, that sap my strength and fog my mind simply because they are so numerous. It's an unending flood, a tide that washes away enthusiasm and satisfaction.

Don't know how -- or if -- I can write about those things.

But if I do, it'll be here, in front of friends, where I feel most comfortable.


lowandslow said...

Yes, lunacy abounds in Washington, but to me the worst part is you don't know where to look for a fix. One party is as guilty as the other.

Sunny said...

Well hello, my friend. *smiles* Looking forward to more cat pictures!