Sunday, August 13, 2006

Treachery on a grand scale

Cynical as I am about world affairs, I still am surprised on occasion by the depths to which "statesmen" can sink. The so-called "cease-fire" between Israel and Lebanon/Hezbollah makes the perfidy, duplicity and simple stupidity of those in charge all too apparent.

Who would have imagined that George Bush, Mr "War on Terror," would sell Israel down the river as he has? The resolution that the U.S. and France -- France! -- put together to end the conflict places Israel's security in the hands of Kofi Annan, who is demonstrably corrupt and ineffectual, as well as being an anti-Israel Jew-hater. He will send UN "forces" (and what a joke that word is in this context) into Southern Lebanon to "keep the peace." Said troops could not be bothered to enforce a previous UN resolution calling for the disarming of Hezbollah, so how can any rational person believe it will be different this time?

Who would have imagined that the people of Israel would allow a worthless, indecisive fool like Ehud Olmert to sell them out at the bidding of the UN and the USA?

Meanwhile, the Arab states -- and Iran -- are still calling for, and planning for, the destruction of the "Zionist Entity." These hypocrites have never lifted a finger to help their Palestinian "brothers," have never offered them space within their own vast lands. All they have done was send military equipment to be used against Israel, a tiny sliver of sanity in an uncivilized part of the world.

Israel's attempts to protect its people have drawn attacks from both the Arabs and supposedly civilized nations, and have been condemned by those anti-Israel lapdogs of the left, the American and European media. These same people blithely ignore the savagery of the Islamic extremists, ignore the Arabs' call for the destruction of Israel.

World War II, the last war that actually came to a conclusion, was won when the aggressors lost the ability to make war. The current war is being brought to a halt with the aggressors still fully capable of continuing their destructive ways. And make no mistake: that is still their objective.

Think of it: the fate of a legitimate nation -- at least as legitimate as all the Arab "nations," which were carved out of the old Ottoman Empire -- is in the hands of a toothless organization led by a man who, in a rational world, would not be able to find work in a car wash; a President of the United States who has no idea what he's doing; a country (France) that has always responded to aggression by surrendering and waiting for more powerful nations to save it; a powerless country (Lebanon) that cannot even manage its own internal sovereignty, and a group of Islamic maniacs whose virulent hatred of Jews has cost them their humanity.

It amazes me that supposedly intelligent people can place any trust in the word of organizations such as Hezbollah, or nations such as Lebanon and Iran. But that's what "diplomats" do: they talk, and talk, trust everyone to play by the rules of civilizaation, and think they have secured a result when all they have done is sacrificed an entire nation in the name of "peace." Suffering, death and destruction are faraway images to them. They are safe, well-fed and well-paid.

The spirit of Neville Chamberlain lives on, in Washington and at the headquarters of the UN.

And Adolf Hitler's desire to wipe out the Jews may yet be achieved.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you.

SAREJESS said...

Lilly livered cowards I am so sick and tierd of the world giving to to terrorists.

Interested said...

Israel is the only country bold enough to not take any shit, from any group or country.

I am disappointed at this whole UN affair- my dislike for them is about yea high! If "we" - The US and other countries really wanted to rid the world of known terrorists we would be helping Israel to get rid of them.

You don't have to like or agree with my opinion, for it is mine.

Breakout the popcorn and let's watch the show- it is just beginning to get interesting.

MrScribbler said...

Clearly, I do agree with you, Int.

I wish the current Israeli government had a little more guts, though. Olmert seems to be their Chamberlain.

HarpO'Fly said...

Damn. It was our chance to follow the example Irael provided by forcing the hand of countries that allow entire armies to wage war from within their borders. This is not good.
The one thing Bush ever did that I backed 100% was to ignore the UN. He didn't do it for long.
None of these entities has ever kept a treaty or their word.

SAREJESS said...

They need to bring back public hanging hang some terrorists live on TV and let the other terrorists watch as there heroes shit and piss themselves in death they they will think twice before trying to commit any of these despicable crimes

Class factotum said...

I cannot believe this ceasefire. I am so ticked off at Israel (and the US) for doing it. You don't stop fighting when the other side is going to keep fighting. Israel had the chance to settle this for once and for all and they blew it.