Monday, August 07, 2006

I'm furious.

If there is anything that symbolizes the insanity of our government's coddling of illegal immigrants, this is it.

Here is a synopsis of the story you must read in full detail here:

Two Border Patrol agaents were chasing a fleeing illegal, who had just jumped out of a van found to be carrying 800 pouinds of marijuana. One agent heard shots, saw his partner fall, and opened fire on the illegal, wounding him in the buttocks. The illegal vanished into Mexico.

Sounds like a situation in which the agent who fired should get a commendation, doesn't it?

Nope. Both agents were convicted of a number of crimes related to the incident, and face up to 20 years in jail.

The government went to extraordinary lengths to convict them, including tracking down the illegal in Mexico and offering him immunity in exchange for testifying against them.

Other Border Patrol agents dropped a dime on the two as well, and were granted immunity for their parts in the event.

The prosecutor -- and a jury -- took the word of the drug smuggler that he was not carrying a gun, even though the agents heard shots being fired before one of them fired his own weapon.

Seems to me the prosecutor, the probation "authorities" who recommended a maximum sentence be imposed, the other agents who rolled over on these two, and those within the government who ordered what has all the earmarks of an overzealous prosecution should lose their jobs, each and every one of them.

If the judge passes any sentence on the two stiffer than immediate release, he or she needs to be booted out of office, too.

And if George Bush -- alien-coddler supreme and protector of illegals' "rights" when he can't be bothered to protect the rights of his own citizens -- doesn't issue an immediate and unconditional pardon, he too should be drummed out of office, along with all the lackeys in Washington who have sold out their constituents over and over while encouraging millions of illegals to flood our nation.

Otherwise, we might as well open the borders completely, and let both the flow of illegals and the flow of illegal drugs continue unimpeded.

This is a disgrace.


Publius said...

I think the disgrace is that we have already opened the border and let whomever and whatever in including millions of pounds of narcotics and millions of illegals. I can only pray that nothing happens to these Border Patrol agents who are outmanned, outnumbered, outgunned, and out of luck when it comes to the federal government and the President supporting them.

Anonymous said...

This makes my B/P go up! Disgusting it is.
((hugs)) Sunny

Anonymous said...

Not good.

Birdie said...

I would think after this that all agents would quit their jobs, being that they risk imprisonment for fulfilling their duties!! I can't believe what's happening... it's etccba and worse...

HarpO'Fly said...

Holy f---sjkskla
I read that article, and it sounds like there is a very obvious money drug agent ring going on. How convenient that this guy pretty much knows an agent who tipped homeland security who then manage to grant the goddamned border hopper immunity for nailing guys doing their job.

The corruption screams out.
Someone is pulling the strings of the prosecutors or else they are just very cruel bastards and hate what is right.

I got so pissed I immediately fired off an email to the reporter of the story to see if there is anyone to write or anything I can do to assist in getting these guys freed. They expect 20 fkg years.
What is that? This is insane.

I'm not big on causes but watching innocent people lose their freedom is something I can not tolerate.

I'd be willing to drive a truck through the courthouse wal and bust them out illegally.

This country is turning into a an insane asylum run by Stalinist lunatics.
I am in a rage

Even the agents there were granted immunity and wouldn't back the truth. It is obvious what is going on.

Joy said...

That story makes me feel that there is an obvious disconnect between management and the field. What they are being convicted for doesn't make sense. Either that or there is something that we don't know about the officers or the case. I feel like something is amiss..

MrScribbler said...

Joy, I hate to sound like an anti-government conspiracy-theorist wacko, but I have a feeling the persecution of these two officers was a message being sent from the top -- or very near the top -- in Washington.

Despite lots of big talk, the politicians have no interest in keeping our borders secure. They will do anything to avoid doing their sworn, legally mandated jobs, including sacrificing agents who are taking the job of border protection seriously.

Joy said...

Which party has a clear defined platform to battle the illegal immigration issue?

MrScribbler said...

Joy -- the party of common sense, decency and ethics, of course.

You don't know which that is? It's the party that hasn't been formed yet, but needs to be.

Joy said...

It's going to be a long time before a party like that gets to power. I certainly felt like there should be a better party going into the previous elections, because I saw that Americans were voting for the best of the worst..