Friday, August 25, 2006

Stem op deze foto!

Ummm, yeah...well, the title's in Dutch, for those who don't know. I used to have a Dutch girlfriend and managed to pick up some of the lingo, so I had some idea what it meant when I first saw it.

Never mind that, though. A sweet friend entered a photo contest in Holland, and is looking -- quite within the contest rules! -- for votes. All of the photos she submitted are good; three are excellent, and two of the latter are just plain superb!

So here are links for you to go look for yourself:


And when you do, you'll see the now-famous words "Stem op deze foto below the image, alongside five stars. Click on the rightmost star for a "5-star" (best) rating, or move leftward for four, three, etc....

I wouldn't do this if I didn't really dig the photos!

PARENTHETICAL THOUGHT: Yeah, I would, 'cos Lori's such a nice person. But she happens to be a nice person with a good eye for photography....

Go vote, okay?


Anonymous said...

I have voted a kazillion times, lol! Well not quite 'that' many but alot. I love the Ice Cold one (the pretty drink) and the One In A Million (yellow tulip) the best!


MrScribbler said...

I like those two, Sunny, but my favorite is the snail...and I don't even like snails....

Wizardress said...

Thank you so much for pimping my photos :) *hugs*