Sunday, August 13, 2006

I'll be around....

High overhead, the Long Beach-to-New York jet makes its circle and heads East. The moon has not yet risen.

I can hear the lyrics of the melodic, haunting Alec Wilder song, I'll Be Around. They resonate with intense clarity tonight....

I'll be around
no matter how
you treat me now,
I'll be around
from now on.

Your latest love
can never last,
And when it's past,
I'll be around when he's gone.

Goodbye again
and if you find a love like mine,
Just now and then
drop a line
To say you're feeling fine.

And when things go wrong,
Perhaps you'll see
you're meant for me,
I'll be around when he's gone.

1 comment:

WhimsicalMadCap said...

Add an "s" before the "he" and that song applies 100% to me.

Well, only partially, bec. ah ain't no durn fool! I **WON'T** be there, inspite of what the other party assumes.

(Scribbs, you've got to stop posting such incredibly a propos entries. It's like you were clairvoyant or