Thursday, August 14, 2008

He's the man!

My man "Ernie Borngrime," as MAD magazine once called him.

I hope I can be as forthright, funny, energetic and uninhibited as he is when/if I hit 91....



Anonymous said...

Hah! I love that. I think we can all be that way, if we'd stop worrying about being inhibited and what "others" think.

There the line of insult, but that's easy enough to not cross.

A Magpie's Nest of Treasures said...

*still laughing*
Oh! I do want to be like that when I hit 91! *giggles* What a great entry! Thanks so much for sharing it here!

Thinking of you, and still keeping you in my thoughts and prayers~ db

DAL said...

Gawd, he's still around? He's been acting for longer than I've been around.

Maybe I should start a new regimen for longevity. I'll call it the "Ernie B. Method To Long Life".