Thursday, September 21, 2006


This picture, which I took earlier today, is a visual metaphor for where I am at the moment...

...there are people all around me but I am utterly alone, stuck in traffic that isn't going my way, sealed in my shell.

I have a great deal of anger built up about many things: my so-called "relationships," the idiots who are slamming this nation while enjoying its many benefits, my own fight to keep my head above water, and much more.

But no one is listening, so why should I go into a rant?

I am alone. Everything I have believed has proven false.

Where do I go from here?

I would give the rest of my life for a moment when someone touches me.

Tomorrow, I will have repaired my shell. Maybe. I will perhaps be able to act as if I am part of this world, will be able to express my opinions coherently, will again be part of this strange civilization.

Tonight, I only want to feel the touch of someone who cares, who is willing to abide by their promises and commitments.

All around me, on the radio, in newspapers, are idiots. Haters, whiners, selfish people. In real life, there is no one close enough to calm me.

Forgive me for my honesty. For tonight, as every night for the last six months, I am alone.


Interested said...


The code was hard to read for leaving this comment *mahbcunx*

MrScribbler said...

Int -- I'm glad you were able to get your nmtvso together enough to visit....

Anonymous said...

For what it is worth I am here, and hugs. Right or wrong we are all just hanging out trying to see where it is all going. Hugs

susananne said...

i know we arent close enough to hug but you have friends on here who do care. (( hugs ))

Anonymous said...

You know darn well that I care, MrScribbler! Smootchies and ((hugs)) I've been feeling much the same way these past few days. Very bah. Please know we all think of you even if we are not 'here.' *smiles!*

gillardia said...

That's heartbreaking. I wish I could give you a big 'ol hug right now (no cyber-hug crap).