Thursday, September 07, 2006

I don't gotta show you no stinking First Amendment!

It seems there is a big uproar over ABC's upcoming "docu-drama" about the events leading up to 9/11.

DISCLAIMER: I'll admit right up front I haven't seen it in advance.

But neither has Harry Reid, a motor-mouth Senator who is babbling about how "false" and disgusting it is, nor have numerous Democrat politcos who are raising such an unholy ruckus about it. Nor, for that matter, has Bill Clinton seen it, though he's apparently quite upset that it portrays his administration's incompetence in dealing with terrorists. The ex-Prez wants ABC to edit it, or make it go away.

Such hypocrisy!

One -- at least one who has had some experience with the lefties' vicious attack-dog tactics -- has to marvel that the ABC show is sending them into such a tizzy. After all, they are perfectly free to offer their own views, which they are of course doing, over and over, about the events depicted. And they'll get plenty of coverage, thanks to all their pals in the media.

Or could it be that they are perhaps worried that the miniseries shows off the Bubba Clan's inability to react to anything beyond sleazy sex acts and crooked land deals too clearly?

We'll never know the truth. It might help if we could see the documents ex-Clintonista Sandy Berger pilfered from the National Archives, but that's another story.

Okay, it's only television, and I probably won't watch the show anyway.

What bothers me is this: how would the leftozoids react if George Bush had wanted cuts in the blatantly partisan "Farenheit 9/11," and demanded it not be shown if changes weren't made to satisfy him? What if his minions set up an organized pressure campaign to force Michael Moore to tell it their way?

You know how they'd react, at least if you're not blinded by rabid partisanship. They loved that film, and wouldn't yet have stopped yammering about "censorship" if any Republican had asked for cuts or corrections.

Don't tell me "this is different."

Censorship is censorship, regardless of who advocates it. To see the leaders of the party of "rights and freedom" yapping about wanting cesnorship is both amusing and troubling.

Go read this, authored in part by the reprehensible Senators Reid and Schumer, and note the implied threat to ABC/Disney contained therein. Note also that they offer no facts to back their assualt; all they can do is whine and threaten, and rely on the opinions of former Clinton staffers who obviously have an axe to grind. Their quote from Thomas Kean of the 9/11 Commission is at odds with what I have heard him say in interviews, but since the source quoted is the New York Times, I would expect partisan inaccuracy. Normal procedure for them.

Let's face it: The long string of U.S. mistakes made in dealing with the Middle East and criminal Muslim elements in that region began long ago. Some might say -- accurately, I think -- that it began with that idiot Jimmy Carter.

And the mistakes did not end on 9/12/01. Nor have they ended yet.

Frankly, I believe that a documentary that honestly told the story accurately would result in Washington D.C. becoming a ghost town after the next elections. And it would knock both the current president and several ex-presidents off the pedestals their fanatical followers have set them on.

Be that as it may. We cannot know what the truth is about 9/11 and what led up to it. And, to be honest, the producers of the ABC film don't know either. The only people who do know are so incredibly partisan -- on both sides -- that their views are not to be trusted.

That Clinton and his cadre of worshipers/apologists can be demanding and expecting censorship merely increases the stench of hypocrisy that envelops their party and their beliefs. They, who routinely lie and distort, expect to be able to get away with branding parts of the show as "lies."

I guess there are good lies and bad lies in their world.

It's a damn shame that such low-lifes are the only alternative currently available to the bumbling fools now in charge.

POSTSCRIPT: Appaently, Disney/ABC is caving in and is making "edits" to the program. They claim the alterations don't change anything, but even if that is true -- which I doubt -- it is an amazing act of cowardice.

In addition, Scholastic Magazines' website, which had posted a study guide built around the show for teachers to use with pupils, has yanked it. I guess only the sanitized, politically correct, approved-by-the-lefties version of history is acceptable. Even if it glosses over the truth of some major Clintonian failures and drops all the blame in Bush's lap. Especially if that's what it does. So much for the truth....


KIT said...

Broadcast television is different than movies (and also cable). The airwaves belong to all of us. The proper comparison in this situation is the uproar from right-wing organizations and partisans in 2003 that forced CBS not to broadcast "The Reagans". In the end ShowTime ran it.

MrScribbler said...

kit -- I didn't agree with the way the Reagan situation was handled either.

Of course President Reagan was unable to defend himself or present his side of the story when that film was made. Clinton and his crew -- and, for that matter, Bush and his crew -- are around and capable of refuting anything they think is incoreect about this one.

If, that is, they can.

By the way: if the airwaves really "belong to all of us," I insist that PBS and NPR drop what I perceive as a bias toward the left and start presenting balanced views!

T-E said...

First they banned the reality version of the Beverly Hillbillies, now this?

HarpO'Fly said...

It is so reminiscent of the old USSR.
Once people get used to blatant propaganda and a fluid truth, they will buy what they are told even when it is being repainted before their eyes.