Thursday, September 14, 2006

It's the little things...

...that are driving me up a tree today.

There are three companies hauling trash away from this apartment and others that share the alley below my window. Two make pickups twice a week. Therefore, I can count on noise -- and dust -- from monster disposal trucks on a daily basis. The trucks have noisy mechanical devices to lift the bins, and loud, shrill beepers that sound when they back up;

My neighbor, the demented pianist, has been playing "Star Eyes" (a tune I love) for the last two hours. He has yet to get the chord progressions right, and seems not to know the bridge;

It's gas-powered leaf-blower day;

Someone is using a table saw somewhere nearby;

My fan has developed an annoying tick, probably a sign of imminent failure.

If the big things don't drive me mad, you may be sure the little things will.


lovezao said...

Awwh I get it. some days the little things come one after the other. I used to play "windmills of our mind" till my mom would say Paula, play something else! Also "cherish..." Now i am working on Mozarts Sonata No. 15 in c Major, (K545) andante Movement, and I am sure I am still driving people nuts!

Anonymous said...

Oh I know what you are talking about! There's alot of little things like that around here... they happen so much, I have almost tuned them out,lol. ((hugs)) from Sunny

HarpO'Fly said...

That's one reason I'm hesitant to move out of my flat, it has just the right amount of noise, rarely the type that bothers.
It's when the bad noise in my mind gets too loud and insistent that really gets to me.
That piano guy would drive me nuts, or to the point that I schemed a way to break his hands or blow up the piano.

Anonymous said...

I keep wishing for a big flood, or snow storm to stop the trains. Peaceful guiet would be so nice. Except for the Blue Angels. They can buzz my house anytime.

astoopidmonkey said...

I would be going batty by now as well