Monday, September 04, 2006

Sad news...

...that Steve Irwin, the Australian television star, naturalist and conservationist was killed yesterday.

When I first saw one of his "Crocodile Hunter" programs, I thought he was over the top, putting on an act to make his show popular. Later, it became clear that he was simply being himself, not holding back his enthusiasm for the creatures of the wild and for what he was doing. From then on, I was a fan.

By all accounts, he was the same on and off screen: outgoing, approachable and warm. He seems to have had a happy life; it's tragic that it should end so soon.

I know his wife and two small children will miss him terribly, as will, in a lesser way, everyone who ever saw him.


montys-iron-lung said...

I agree. He was an absolute darling. I think he will be sorely missed all over the place. Hopefully there are a lot of people carrying on his work and still learning from him.

HarpO'Fly said...

That was one life well lived. He even survived the idiotic and fickle media. I'm glad he achieved fame and success so we had the opportunity to see bits and pieces of such a life. A rare individual to say the least.