Sunday, July 30, 2006

Simple answers...

...from a simple person.

1. If many of the states in the Middle East were not committed to Israel's destruction, and actively engaged in encouraging, supporting and supplying terrorists who commit unspeakable acts to achieve that goal, Israel would not be taking military action to protect itself.

2. If terrorists fire rockets and launch attacks from civilian areas, it is they who are at fault when such civilian areas are targeted in response, not those trying to protect themselves.

3. If Muslims are concerned with their image as peace-loving people willing and eager to coexist with others, they need to turn their backs on all who commit barbarous acts in the name of Islam, and make it very clear that they have done so. They also need to turn their backs on all whose goal is a world populated only by Muslims and who use violence to achieve that aim.

4. People who expect tolerance need to be tolerable. Expecting others to abandon their own moral and social beliefs for you is not acceptable.

5. Christianity, Judaism and Islam are not, in themselves, evil. None represents a threat to anyone who doesn't believe in their tenets. But some followers of those religions are evil, and should be repudiated for the good of all.

6. A "friend" or "partner" nation that behaves in criminal ways is no "friend," no "partner."

Too simple? Probably. At least as long as the world is run by the current crop of narrow-minded, vicious, power-hungry fools supported by an agenda-driven media and gullible voters.


Anonymous said...

As my step mother would say. "you just said a mouth full." I agree with you.

Birdie said...

it's all this "eye for an eye" stuff! stop that and things probably wouldn't be half so bad.....

MrScribbler said...

birdie -- the first "eye-taker" has to be stopped...then there is no need for retaliation.

Too much time and energy are wasted on pointing fingers.