Monday, July 31, 2006

I wonder what’s wrong with me...

...because, somehow, I just can’t get terribly worked up over Israel’s “aggression” in Lebanon. Yes, I’m sorry that civilians are dying there, just as I’m sorry civilians are dying in Israel.

Perhaps if Hezbollah and Hamas weren’t using civilians as shields, and conducting military-style operations while wearing civilian clothes, the death toll would be lower. Perhaps if the UN was something more than an anti-Israel, anti-USA debating society good for nothing beyond big talk and raking in bribes from despots, the death toll would be lower.

The world – and Hezbollah – were “shocked” when Israel reacted strongly to the kidnaping of two of its soldiers. “Goodness,” people said, “if you let a little thing like that provoke war, you’re no better than they [whoever they might be] are.”

It never occurs to any of those high-minded peace-loving types that just because a nation doesn’t stoop to their level, that doesn’t mean they are going to see the light. In fact, history demonstrates, over and over, that they will continue to do whatever they want for as long as they can get away with it.

Israel seems to understand that. We don’t.

Israel also understands, as our own so-called "leaders" do not, that protection of all one's own citizens is a nation's first duty, and if doing so involves inflicting condign punishment on other nations or groups, so be it.

Though I am sure to be accused of being a Muslim-hater – which I assuredly am not – I admit to not feeling kindly disposed to people who will send their young out, strapped into girdles of plastique, to blow up innocent Jews. Nor am I feeling any feelings of goodwill and brotherhood toward those wack-jobs in Iran who are ranting about the “destruction of the Zionist State,” looking forward to some kind of Armageddon apparently predicted in the Koran and prepared to use any force necessary to convert the rest of the world – once they’ve finished off the Jews, that is – to Islam.

The plain fact is that too many Muslims (who are, themselves, certainly peace-loving and tolerant of all people of good will) seem to have adopted the Mafia code that says you offer unquestioning support to anyone who’s in your “family,” no matter how despicable they are. And the non-Muslim liberals of Europe and the USA, particularly those in the media, being the tolerant folks they are, will back them right down the line.

The world is, alas, full of people who hate Jews. I’ve never understood the reasons for that. It seems certain that three-quarters of the United Nations and 90% of the Arab/Muslim world would be thrilled to see Israel vanish under mushroom clouds. And Iran seems to be planning for exactly that.

In the meantime, “diplomats” talk their big talk, meet, talk some more, deplore and decry, without coming up with what seems a simple, basic solution: make both sides stand down, and do whatever is necessary to ensure that Israel and its Arab neighbors live in peace, free from the threat of destruction from fundamentalist Islamic zealots.

My personal feeling is that it would speak well for the world’s Muslims if they would be a bit more open and vocal in disavowing the radical terrorists in their ranks instead of taking offense every time someone mentions that inhuman acts are being perpetrated in the name of their religion.

Silence – or making excuses for the terrorists, or attacking the Jews for defending themselves, or attacking the USA because it supports Israel’s right to exist – is all too easy to interpret as a sign of complicity.

But pay no attention to what I think. I'm a Muslim-hater, of course.

Even if I'm really not.


HarpO'Fly said...

I'm not sure I am as pro Israel as you, and many others, however that does not necessarily relate to the present situation and is independent of the Islamic insanity.
I am not too keen on supporting any religious state. However the reaction to Israel's retaliation against Hezbollah and other terrorist militias surprises me. I am surprised that some sort of diplomacy is expected to work. And I'm a bit surprised at the one way reporting.

Personally I don't actually hate either religion, but I don't particularly like them either, at least not as nations or free floating terror groups. Israel appears to be the sanest nation over there at this point, but that is not saying all that much.

The same way so many people seem to hate Christianity these days, I probably come close to that with the various muslim sects. Right now I'm fed up with the political agenda of every religion I can think of. I understand some of the justification for a Jewish state, but I still question the extent of our support for any religious state. Now that things have come to this point, I see little choice, though. Reluctantly. Of course if I say I am not keen on such things people might say I am anti-semitic, which is total garbage. It is in the context of a state that I have a bit of reservation.

I'm perfectly willing for them to do whatever they have to, if they are going to make a reasonable dent in the real enemy over there. I hope that is what in fact is happening.

HarpO'Fly said...

oops that's way too long

Anonymous said...

Aside from ovens, what else did the nazis do that the jews have not done?

MrScribbler said...

That question doesn't deserve to be dignified with an answer, "anonymous."

If you can't see the difference between attempted genocide and self-defense against an enemy set on destroying you, an enemy that moreover will hide behind civilians and adopt bestial tactics to achieve their aim, I feel sorry for you.

HarpO'Fly said...

Invade Poland?
I think there's a name for that tactic. That sort of question is typical propaganda technique.