Thursday, July 20, 2006

The lunatics are in charge...

...of damn near everything.

I expected the UN to react the way it has regarding the situation in the Middle East. Kofi Annan shows all the signs of senility, has for years, and heads an organization that specializes in appeasement, antisemitism and corruption. Ditto for the Russians, Chinese, French and Spaniards, all of whom would relish nothing more than seeing Israel evaporate, especially if it can drag the USA down along with it.

And I expected our politicians to play games with the war -- and it is a war -- for their own political advantage. I expected George Bush to shoot off his mouth and do nothing, as well.

Sadly, I expected those Muslims who consider themselves "peace-loving" to react as they have, too. Overtly or through inaction, too many of them support the maniacal elements of their religion. Imagine how they would have howled if Israel had kidnapped two Palestinians: they would have called for Tel Aviv to be nuked. But when the Israelis take action to get back their own soldiers, they are "agressors."

So now the lines are drawn. While combatants and civilians are dying in Lebanon and the bloodthirsty Hezbollah direct rocket attacks at Israeli civilians, the political hacks of the world babble on about "diplomacy."

The issue, as it always has been, is that the Muslims will never tolerate a Jewish state. Never. Even though their own nations are, by and large, just as artificial as Israel. Even though some of them make pious pronouncements about Jews being "brothers."

Unless and until, the Arab/Muslim nations renounce their intent to destroy Israel, and act accordingly, this cycle will repeat itself over and over.

At least until August 22nd. I have a feeling that's the day Iran will announce that is has nuclear weapons, and is prepared to use them against Israel. Or it may not make any announcements and simply fire off a few missles.

Is this the start of World War III? I wouldn't bet against it.

This time, thanks to the self-important fools who run the world today, we may well see carnage on a level that makes Adolf Hitler -- who is, by the way, the idol of the Hezbollah leader -- seem like a small-time shoplifter.


Anonymous said...

This is all a sad and scarey thing that's happening. The World needs Peace, now.

Justfly said...

I had two young Lebanon children refugees leaving on a flight I was working. Right there in front of me was the result of what ugly things are happening.
It made me very sad.

Anonymous said...

What a mess, and it makes you sick.

Kim said...

And you think that Israel's killing of Lebanese civilians is going to do anything but inflame tensions? And with the US president pretty much handing out the permission slips, get ready for one almighty backlash in the arab world.

I can really understand both sides of the tale - but Isreal's heavy-handed reaction is adding fuel to the fire. There has to be another way to shut down Hezbollah.

Has nobody learned from history? How long has this been going on?! How many are dead on both sides? How many Palestinian refugees are forced to live in other countries?


Rant over. Sorry to have gone on but it's so upsetting.

HarpO'Fly said...

This is one case in which I think all sides are hopeless.
Religious states don't seem to work out.
To think diplomacy will work is a bit over oprtimistic, I agree. I remember watching debates between Israelis and Palestians years ago. I have to say, neither one impressed me as fair, truthful or humane.

Joy said...

I can't wait to step into a world that is more civilized than what it is right now. War is the answer to everything apparently. You know what, India and Pakistan should duke it out with an allout nuclear war. We should get it over with instead of diplomacy. Hey, atleast the problem will be solved. Who cares about the repercussions!

MrScribbler said...

Joy -- if India and Pakistan took each other out, where would we get computer customer-service reps? ;P

I think both of those countries are smart enough not to push the red button. I'm not so sure about Iran and N. Korea....

Joy said...

hehe. well, you still have China ;)

Iran and North Korea know that they can't win the war if they start it. Unless they have China as their ally. But they can inflict consideration damage to main land US if they want to.. Or, throw the world into a destructive spiral.