Thursday, July 27, 2006


This is a very special Gratuitous Cat of the Week!

Her name is Tabitha, and she is one of the platoon of feral cats that live in my local park, where they are cared for by volunteers who bring them food, give them medical attention, and generally watch out for them.

She is not among the cats who are friendly with their feeders (and with me); a true feral, she keeps her distance. That made getting an interview difficult.

Finding her in the night also made the interview difficult.

Among her hobbies are: eating, sleeping, watching seagulls, eating, sleeping and prowling. And sleeping after eating. Having been spayed, she has a short list of hobbies.

What makes Tabitha special is that this photo, when originally published in my old journal, caught the eye of my friend Anne, who made it the background for her journal design.

That's an honor for Tabitha and me.

Anne is apparently feeling better after her health problems. That makes all of us who know her very happy. Including Tabitha.

PARENTHETICAL THOUGHT: This is the photo as it originally appeared. Anne made it look much better....


DAL said...

I guess Tabitha can't handle the fame and cikfz that comes with being GCotW.

MrScribbler said...

Nope, dal, she tends to vlnhqgx when anyone says nice things to her....

gillardia said...

I like the way the eyes are green in the pic. Glad to hear Anne is doing better.


Birdie said...

I thought I recognised the picture! Here I thought the whole time it was Frank! oh, well what does a birdie know about cats anyway.. tweet tweet

MrScribbler said...

birdie -- next time I see Tabitha, I'll see if she says "let me be frank...."

I wish Anne would put up a pic of Frank.

Anne said...

If I could take a pic of Frank that was as good as the pic you took of Tab, it would be my backround pic.
You have a way of capturing animals of all kinds with your camera that I couldn't resist having your photo represent Frank.
Anyway, Frank likes the pic and in some ways resembles Tab.
Soon as I can, your wishes will be made! Lol

susananne said...

oh i recognise the eyes now! glad people go and feed the cats though..i would!