Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Updateization... which I again mention that I just haven't felt like writing here. Hell, I haven't even felt like writing for work; doing that seems to take as much effort as I can muster up energy to make.

And most of what I would have said would have been muttered threats, hurled imprecations, complaints and general bad-moodedness. Things have not gotten measurably better, though I have not given up trying. Not yet, anyway.

I did have one good moment, though of course I had to endure many not-so-good moments to get there.

Back in early April, the doctor I was then seeing expressed some worry about a couple of moles on my back, and indicated he wanted to refer me to a dermatologist. I agreed, but gave it little thought. I mean, I never had skin like a baby's bottom, unless the baby in question had diaper rash....

So last week I received a letter from the big local hospital -- not the one where I died in February -- advising that I had an appointment in their dermatology clinic for today.

I went. It was only 20 minutes through morning traffic, followed by registration and then a 2 1/2 hour wait in the clinic itself. Since this shares space with some kind of kiddy clinic, it was neither quiet nor especially clean-smelling.

Admittedly, I wasn't worrying about possible worst-case scenarios. I suppose some of this is the last vestiges of "it can't happen to me," even though it has been forcefully proven that it can happen to me.

Finally, I was taken to an examining room, where I disrobed. The doc came in and started looking at the various marks, discolorations, moles and general souvenirs of long life and too many sunburns.

After a moment, I heard him saying "benign, benign, benign..."

The whole exam lasted less than two minutes.

As I was getting dressed, he asked me why I had come. I told him my doctor was concerned and referred me. He asked for the doctor's name, which I told him.

"Oh, him. He's a good guy. You know he's interning in this clinic? Doesn't know much about dermatology yet, but he'll learn."

Hospital visits are like flights on airplanes. Any one you walk away from is good.


Anonymous said...

Good news indeed. I've missed you, Scribbs. I was hoping you were on assignment somewhere in "the South of France" and would come back and regale us with tales of fast cars and lovely ladies, and share tons of photos. No?

Same old crap here, too. :)


Birdie said...

I've been worried, too. Glad those things are nothing to worry about! It's always better to be safe then sorry....