Friday, March 07, 2008

Surly to bed, and surly to rise...

...makes you like me. I'm angry, depressed, frustrated and generally feel like a piece of dung today.

Oh, you say, I should look on the bright side, right? I mean, I did manage to walk a whole two blocks today before jacking it in. It's a lovely day, too.

But I'm not entirely willing to be satisfied with what is, you know, even though some very wise people have counseled me to take that approach.

One of the casualties of recent events was patience. We could have a interesting discussion about "somedays;" my outlook was never very good in that regard, and has now worsened markedly.

Still, my plan is to relax for a while and then try strolling another two blocks. Thinking is off the list for a few days, so I'll try to avoid that.

And I'll try to think positively.

Hey, it works! I'm positive I'm in a bad mood!


Anonymous said...

I don't do it very often nor very well either ... but there really are some advantages to "keeping it in the now". Good luck to you.


WhimsicalMadCap said...

It's a rare gift to still be able to be funny when you're in a bad mood. (Not to make light of the fact that being in a bad mood is unpleasant endure.)



Sunny said...

I have'nt been in JS since you went home. I'm glad you have survived all of this. Surviving a diff lifestyle is another thing.

I can only walk three to four blocks, max now. As before I was walking 3 miles!

But at least I can 'walk.'

Good luck and yes, even your humor can help you along the way!

Anonymous said...

Stubborn bastard.
Little stroll in the sun can't hurt. It make take a day or two before you can run a marathon.