Sunday, March 09, 2008

Spring ahead!... ass.

The transition to (or from) Daylight Savings Time always weirds me out, and today was no exception. I woke with the dawn, but now it was somewhere around 7:00 instead of my more normal 6:00. So I was mad at myself for staying in bed so late, even though I needed only to look at my watch (which I forgot to reset last night) to remember how the "late to rise" bit came to be....

I'm not what you'd call good at doing mornings anyway. Oh, I was, and the conditions that once made me so could be so easily duplicated once again, but the plain fact is that I start grouchy and work my way down from there.

In another 40 minutes (it being 8:20 right now) I can start the Big Cleanup. Much bumping of furniture and dragging of trash necessities from place to place while I scrub away the underlying gunk.

This offends me. Part of the reason for the mess is that the environment here is simply foul, and if you are like me and prefer to live with windows open, you will end up living hip-deep in diesel soot, dirt, dust and birdshit.

Of course the fact that I have, for various unacceptable reasons, been too damn depressed to keep up with the cleaning for the past six months or so factors in as well.

If I could afford it, I'd hire someone to come in here and sanitize the whole ugly mess while I went off and sunned myself at the beach. But if I did that, I'd have to then have them hit so they couldn't talk about what they saw.

Or I could just throw in a match and clean the place out that way.

Several ways of tying this all together and bringing a kind of sense to it come to mind, but in the interest of avoiding having anyone asking "what did he mean?" and forcing me to thus come up with answers sufficiently evasive/diplomatic to keep them from worrying or getting cranky with me, I think I will go have my bowl of morning Healthy Goodness and psych myself up for some good, old-fashioned Mindless Labor.

I'm already an hour behind schedule, you know.


Anonymous said...

I know several readers who strongly identify.

DAL said...

I hate mornings when I have to go to work, I don't mind at all being awake at 5 AM on the weekends. That's only because I can nap if I want to.

I can't clean here at all, or I would. Too much of Wifey's junk lying around, and I don't dare move any of it.

emd said...

I hate this particular time change. I hate losing that weekend hour. It seems like it's only 10 AM, but it's already 11. Day's almost over!

Anonymous said...

Since it doesn't make much difference when I get up any more. This daylight savings time thing doesn't seem to matter as much to me.

I guess now when I can't sleep it will be an hour later. Like instead of 3 it will be 4.


Anonymous said...

Spring forward.... what a strange thing. Even stranger is how many I know who totally identify with your post. It has been a topic of discussion at our house this morning.

Good luck with the deep cleaning. We're doing a bit of it ourselves. :-)

class factotum said...

Mr S, I would be perfectly willing to clean and organize someone's place for a fee, but most people don't want someone else making the keep/throw away decisions. Very sad, especially when that means you have car magazines from 1998 stacked in the office.

MrScribbler said...

C-F -- I can only imagine what the fee for MY office, which has car magazines from 1955 and since stacked in it, might be....

John0 said...

What a friggin dynamo.
I want to be like that when I grow up.
Man, I really like the sound of the new you.

Anonymous said...

Amazing energy for one so recently "apprenticing compost" (LMTO!) I can relate to the cleaning problems: where I live, dust surrounds the house, and if I clean today, 24 hours later, it looks like I never did. The renter before me left after only 6 months because, amongst other things, the dust drove him nuts. (When you're financially challenged, you don't have the luxury of fleeing, LOL! Living in an area where the rental vacancy rate is about negative 30%, you cling to your abode like a barnacle to a ship.)