Monday, March 10, 2008

Did I ever thank all of you?

No, I did not. At least not adequately. And I can't even do it now.

Cards, messages, calls, flowers, visits...all appreciated, all cherished.

I would not know how to begin to express my appreciation without sounding stupid, disingenuous. And I'd hate to leave out a single person.

You are great, great people. And that goes especially for those who say "wish I could have done more." You don't know how much you actually did.

I believe, with so many of you, that this outpouring represented what friendship should be. But I have to say it's also what friendship seldom is.

In that sense, your responses were a wake-up call of sorts for me. My greatest enemy for those first crucial few days was an overwhelming feeling of loneliness. It couldn't stand up to the assault of kindness.

So accept this as my inadequate but sincere expression of gratitude to each and every one of you. It's overdue, but I hope will be accepted.


becomingkate said...

I was so worried about you! I'm glad things went alright.

emd said...

Yes, glad you're okay and back and posting again!

Birdie said...

we wouldn't have done it all if we didn't sincerely care...

Anonymous said...

Like birdie said, "we wouldn't have done it all if we didn't sincerely care." YOU, Mr. Scribbler are an integral part of the www........... don't EVER forget it. YOU are CARED about. Believe it! BEEEEEE-LEEEEEVE.

We don't want to have to knock ya over the head with our sincereity.

Signed.......anonymous for good reeson.

sugarcane said...

You waking up alive is all the thanks we need. We're just glad you're on the mend.

John0 said...

Thank you for the new posts and for cheating the reaper.
The stories of returning strength, 4 mile walks, rabbit food, perceptions of the landscape, are the big gift.

Anonymous said...

Although you can't always see all your friends, you are never alone. :)


Amanda said...

Just keep on being your ornery ol' self and we'll call it even. ;o)

I don't even know you that well, myself, but I'm so glad you got through and made it back to us. We would have hated to have to say goodbye! :o(


joan said...

Nice. You do have a way with words.
No wonder you are a writer. You reap what you sew and it was natural payback for all of your kindness.