Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Dilemma....

Three things happened today.

This morning, D. transplanted the veggies to our planter "boxes." Then, I mowed the lawn.

This afternoon, we drove up to Merrimac to the car show at Skip's. It was great. Weather was fine, and the selection of cars was just what I'd hoped: local rides, not all in "show" condition, but most well worth looking at. Also, good burgers, fries, and ice cream.

For me, a big change from the usual car-show fare. Didn't have to wear a blue blazer with a "judge" badge on the lapel, wasn't recognized, didn't have to pontificate on the relative merits of, say, Ferrari 250s versus Ferrari 275s, or why the Duesenberg SJ was superior to the J. In short, I got to play spectator, and I really enjoyed it. There were one or two cars I would have loved to drag back to Sandy Bay, too.

D. had a good time as well, took some neat photos, and decided she wants a '56 Ford Thunderbird. Could happen, you know, right around the time I can afford one or more of the cars I'd like to have.... At least a vintage T-Bird is something I could service myself.

Oh, yeah. The dilemma: Should I post a photo I took this morning, or one of the shots from the car show? I'll just do the Larry the Cable Guy* routine, and "Git 'er done!" by posting one of each.

The cucumbers and pumpkins get their first visitor!

I want this! Also, the Studebaker behind it. The T-Bird behind that is D.'s favorite.

I have as much use for a tractor as I do for a jet-ski or one of those three-wheeled "motorcycles." But I think classic tractors look very cool.... Might have been a real drag to drive home, though!

* Yes, we've been watching America With Larry the Cable Guy on The History Channel every week, and I'm addicted. The guy is funny, earthy, unaffected, totally devoid of self-consciousness and seems to be having a great time popping into odd places and doing odd things. In fact his stint with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders was the funniest thing I've seen on TV in ages. Best of all, the people he visits seems to be having a great time, too. I recommend the show unreservedly.


BenB said...

Hey Mr. Scribbs. I must admit I haven't been following your blog too much in recent times, my bad. I have no idea where you are at now? Are you living on some sort of farm? You sound like your old self - I am hoping that means that your personal situation has taken a 180 degree turn for the better?

MrScribbler said...

Ben -- This isn't a farm, though there are farms not that far away.... But it is on the Atlantic Coast, about as far away from my old digs -- in every sense of the word -- as you can get.

Too bad there's no good term to describe a complete change for the better than a "180-degree turn." If there was, I'd use it here!

BenB said...

Atlantic coast? Wow - that is definitely a different landscape than the CA coast! The old saying that "changing your geographical location isn't going to change your problems" doesn't appear to apply to you! I'm very glad to hear things are going better for you.

MrScribbler said...

Ben -- I'm not sure the move has changed my problems. They're still out there, waiting, drooling....

What has changed is my attitude toward the problems, and everything else. Little annoyances fade quickly, and big annoyances don't seem so big.