Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Housekeeping-y stuff

Lots o' excellent things happening to Yours Truly, but not much time to sit down and write about them. I'll catch up soon, though.

However: I have recently had a lot of spam-style comments show up here, and I'm getting sick of it. Therefore, I'm going the ol' comment moderation route as of now. If you're nice enough to comment, I get to read it first, and will automatically pass it on to be posted.

Well, almost automatically. Spammers and random commenters will be banished into the obscurity they so richly deserve. I don't so much mind seeing their tripe in my email inbox, as it just takes hitting the Fuggedaboutit Button to make them go the hell away. Blogger, alas, makes the deletion process annoyingly tedious.

When they (the insidious Blogger/Google/Whoever Else Combine) get their acts together and make it possible to keep the idiots at bay without jumping through a bunch of damn cyber-hoops, I'll go back to free-range comments, which I prefer.


Dorrie said...

odd, for all the time I have been at blogger, I have NEVER gotten any spam comments! They do have some kind of protection system against them... and my blog is open to everyone, with no moderation. odd.....

Dorrie said...

check here:

Silentwhisper1 said...

Glad "excellent" things are happening with you!
Its been ages since I've gotten here-hope all is well with you:)
I'm trying to catch up with all my JS friend's-I missed them dearly in this wild spin of life.

Take care my friend.Visit you again.


John0 Juanderlust said...

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ps: this is completely above the table boards. I am not of the spam