Thursday, April 09, 2009

For every action...

...there is an equal and opposite reaction. I believe Isaac Newton figured that out first.

It's the truth. There have been a number of actions around here this week. I'm waiting for the "equal and opposite" reaction.

And it's not going to be pretty.

I won't bore you with the "every action" list. It is as you might imagine: payments that didn't arrive, people who are unwilling to reply to phone messages and emails, job applications that apparently vanished into the Great Void, Photographer D. trying to get me stirred up to write a story a publication is supposedly eager to get (a contention disproved, alas, by the editor of said magazine who was, at best, lukewarm to the idea when I called him today), and the usual chorus of people lining up to drink my blood if they can't get my money....

That's the action. What might the reaction be? That's something I don't want to consider.

Experience tells me that advising the howling mob that things are out of my hands will not calm them. I am not the government; I can't write checks without worrying whether there are funds to cover them. I can't print money.

Apparently, I can't earn money either.

I'm not going to make excuses. I chose to do what I do and, over the years, I have learned that it is a tenuous gig at best. You might say I should have been more ant than grasshopper, and I can't dispute that.

PARENTHETICAL DON'T-PAY-ATTENTION-TO-FABLES THOUGHT: Aesop -- or whoever the hell dreamed up all these cautionary tales of grasshoppers vs. ants, or tortoises vs. hares -- didn't take into consideration the simple fact that even the ant (or tortoise) can starve when the diet is meager enough.

What the hell. I have no brilliant answer, no snappy comeback.

In fact, I need a break (no matter how short) from this, a friendly shoulder to lean on while I consider what I might do.

I have learned, however, that I shouldn't expect to get that break.

So the "equal and opposite reaction" will be what it is.


Kimmywoo said...

Fingers crossed Scrib.

aka mag said...

Sounds like you are writing *my* story. Hugs.

Fin said...

The fact that you share a similar situation with more than six million other people is NO comfort, I understand.

However, signs can be found in the news that while the economy is not improving much, big business response to people being unable to pay bills, is, in fact changing - at least to some degree.

On the teevee commercials in NYC area, various car makers have standing offers to buy back a car if you lose your job, or better still, suspend or even forgive payments for as long as nine months.

One would hope therefore that your creditors, if not exactly softening their stance, might at least to some degree, be realigning their expectations to the new reality.

Justfly said...

You have lots of friendly shoulders here to lean on...

Anonymous said...

I agree with Fin - there are a lot of people that can't pay their bills right now that otherwise would do so if they could.
However, I haven't seen much of the mortgage companies softening their stance. They're still foreclosing and forcing people out. It's very strange times we're living in - people everywhere are getting desperate and doing desperate - and ofttimes illegal - actions to offset the want/lack.
None of that helps you, of course, but I do hope that the silver lining breaks for you - wherever that may come from.

John0 Juanderlust said...

Are you implying an equal and opposite reaction or saying you don't know what it is? It sounded ominous.

KIT said...

I hope you're OK. I'm thinking of you and wishing there was somthing I could do.

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