Thursday, December 18, 2008

A lovely day...

...if you like cold, rainy days during which the electricity goes out for three straight hours, that is.

Right now, the thermometer is showing 42 degrees. Well, it was; I brought it in because it was shivering. It's a California thermometer, you know. I suspect it'll get a bit colder tonight.

My 1923-vintage building is not a paragon of good insulation, so the heater gets more of a workout than I'd like. During the blackout this evening, I was relieved to have a gas heater, as it kept on working. I'd definitely have propane service if I lived in the boonies.

And I may be forced boonie-ward by the shenanigans the state government is trying to pull: since tax increases require a two-thirds "yes" vote in the State Assembly for approval, the shitweasels in the majority (numerical majority, but not up to two-thirds) have decided to pass a huge package of "fee" increases on everything from gasoline to sales taxes to income taxes. In the meantime, they are whining about the service cuts they'll still have to make. Oddly enough, the reductions all seem to involve children, the elderly and police officers.

Funny thing: the rest of us generally have to stop spending when we run out of money. What a concept; wonder if it'll ever occur to them?

A lot of people are going to have a crappy Christmas season, it seems. Three people I know have lost their jobs in the last few days as a result of the economic meltdown. More will follow.

But while they look for nonexistent replacement jobs, they'll get to pay more for basic necessities so the government can go on funding graft-ridden junk like "anti-gang" programs (all, without exception, failures), big pay increases for unionized government workers and, of course, ever-increasing perks for the "public servants" themselves.

Don't let me get started on this crap with the economy and the government's responses to it. Makes me angrier than I can say.

I am at least glad I'm not traveling tonight. Several freeways leading out of town are closed tonight due to heavy snowfall. Hell, it even snowed in Vegas today, though 95% of the people there probably didn't notice. No windows in the casinos, you know.

I hope it snows here tonight. That'd not only be historic, but it would keep me focused on local stresses.

Just heard a radio commercial: "Pepper spray makes a wonderful stocking stuffer!"

I give up. At least for tonight.


Anonymous said...

quote: "Several freeways leading out of town are closed tonight due to heavy snowfall."

you must be kidding! And we don't have any yet, except in the higher elevations. Weird stuff happening. Good thing the government can't control the weather, right?

Birdie from the office

Anonymous said...

"Pepper spray makes a wonderful stocking stuffer!" Haha. Only in LA...or South Dallas.

Yeah, the economy is awful. I can/will never forgive our politicians for getting us into this mess, then running for cover as it hit the fan. Your term "shitweasel" is so appropriate.

Stay warm.


Justfly said...

I don't really have enough money to take care of all my needs for December and January. I am going to request a bail-out from the government. I am sure they will take care of the me because I was careless with my funds.
Things are so crazy right now with these bail-outs I am speechless.

emd said...

It does suck, don't it? I remember back in the 80's, I think, when we got a rebate because California had a SURPLUS! Them days are gone for good.

Birdie said...

right now is a political talk show on German TV about the bail-outs, both in the USA and here.... discussing all the pros and cons. The situation should have never gotten that far!

deb said...

My projected income total for December 2008 is 79% lower than it was in December 2007. It is directly a result of the economic 'slowdown' (term makes me chuckle sadly). Where is the line I stand in for my bailout? I'd happily settle for a mere $10,000. Oh heck, I'd settle for far less.

Labetine said...

It's cold here in Texas, MrS. We actually had snow the other day...for about 5 minutes! I miss JS so I started posting on my other blog. It sure isn't the same. :(


DK said...

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hope you are having a great weekend.