Thursday, May 22, 2008

Strange day..., within 75 miles of here, there was snow in the mountains plus hail, flash floods, mudslides and a tornado in the desert that overturned a truck and derailed four or five train cars. Some stretches of freeway were temporarily closed due to weather conditions.

Here? Sunny all day, with occasional clouds and plenty of humidity. No rain, no thunderstorms, no nothin'.

More of the same is forecast for tomorrow.

All I knew until the reports of weird weather started coming in was that the air felt distinctly odd, in a way I've felt prior to heavy weather in the Midwest. Vaguely disturbing, that, as if something catastrophic was on its way.

Nothing that bad happened, but nothing good came along either.

Tomorrow morning involves another doctor visit. I can hardly wait. I'm not totally convinced any solution to the back pain will come of it, but that's what I need, especially since I learned another couple of trips to Catalina Island are in the offing.

What I don't need is pain meds; the last time I got an Rx for them, they damn near made me try to twist my head off to see if I'd be happier without it.

Since I'm already feeling that way, I'm not in favor of making it worse if I can avoid it.

Morphine. That's the ticket. Or a pair of warm female hands rubbing the aches out of my unhappy muscles.

I sure as hell couldn't outrun a tornado right now.


Astoopidmonkey said...

I am actually wearing an icy/hot pad on my bak at this moment... which means that I smell like icy/hot at work. Whoooo!

Hopefully you get some results as to waht is going on with yours tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

"a pair of warm female hands rubbing the aches out of my unhappy muscles."

It may not be quite what you had in mind, but you can BUY that, you know. (And not worry about being busted by the vice squad.) Hope you feel better soon. :)


Justfly said...

I lived with one of those old fashion hot water bottles on my back for a couple of weeks. Everytime I sat down it was on my back. It really made a difference.

Don't get too excited about going to the doctor's =)

Anonymous said...

If you can afford a massage, I'd get one if I were you.

Anonymous said...

Are your neighbors helping you? How's Holly? You don't mention her.


Anonymous said...

"a pair of warm female hands rubbing the aches out of my unhappy muscles."

Did you find a pair? Buy the time. You WILL feel better.

Please give your loyal readers a FULL report!


MrScribbler said...

B -- For reasons of her own (which I won't talk about) Holly has decided she's better off in a different situation, so I haven't seen her for something more than a month.

Doesn't change what I owe her or the regard in which I hold her, but it does make for some lonely times here....