Monday, May 12, 2008

Just got back...

...from two days on Catalina Island, helping the same friend with the same project that drew me over there about a year ago.

It was a mixed blessing. I enjoyed the trip, the island, the work -- I always do -- but there were moments when I was a bit disgruntled. I get that way when I find that things I used to do without sparing them a thought now bug me and require extra willpower to accomplish.

Still, a nice time, and a welcome break from the normal.

And the mere fact that I needed that break is at the root of why I haven't been writing much. How many times can I describe the same old dung -- the work-hassles, the money-worries, the near-total shortage of the kind of human interaction that keeps a lot of people from going completely 'round the bend, to name a few examples -- without getting sick and tired of seeing the same words here? Do I really want to tell you that I'm in some physical pain -- which, for no reason, I suspect may have to do with a new medication the doctor prescribed, and has basically stopped my daily long walks -- and am quietly furious about it?

No, frankly, I don't.

There are times when "nothing bad happened" simply doesn't cut it. I need some good happenings and, try as I might, they seem to not swim into focus.

It's entirely possible I am simply doing the wrong things, or at least not the right ones, in attempts to get some positive action under way.

All of the above -- save the 24 hours on Catalina -- has brought certain aspects of my personality that I simply don't much like to the forefront.

When I cool myself down a bit I may have something to say.

I'd like to think so, anyway.


Anonymous said...

Totally jealous of your time on Cat. Been by it a few times, flown over it and look at a webcam from Avalon a couple of times a month, but never been there.


Whatsername again....? said...

was wondering where you were at!

emd said...

It's been years since I've been over there. Gotta plan a trip, I guess. Good to have you back, and hoping some goodstuff comes your way!

Justfly said...

I am glad you updated =)
I hope you get your medicine worked out, sheesh you HAVE to go on your walks. We need to see the photos of what you see on your walks. I do look forward to those photos.

Kim said...

That change in medication doesn't sound good Scrib.

Fitzgerald said...

Well it sounds like you had a good trip.

We all suffer, that is our lot. One day it will all end, for you and I. But there will be others who will know our joy, and pain.

Who was it that said, "Gettin' old ain't for wimps." I think they knew what they were talking about.

Here is hoping that you feel better soon and are off on one of those long walks.

Birdie said...

I was worried about you :-(

becomingkate said...

Some kind of major change would be a good thing for you. I hope the doc manages to help that pain! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Looks like we both just gto back...I took a break form *hugs* Let's get posting!!! We have alot of catching up to do!!! LL

Japee said...

What a neat trip. It is a beautiful building. I think of how much you love the old theaters whenever I see one.

Sorry you aren't feeling well. I worry about what I would be like if I couldn't get out walking and I know you do that too. Hope that gets better. Good to have you back.