Friday, April 18, 2008

Ramos and Compean, again... the illegal-alien drug smuggler whose lying testimony got the Border Patrol agents 11- and 12-year prison sentences is himself convicted of drug smuggling and now faces jail time.

In all probability, Osvaldo Aldrete-Davila, the criminal, will serve less time than Ramos and Compean will have to serve unless the Court of Appeals where the appeal of their unjust conviction is being heard dares to challenge the shameful and illegal tactics used by Jorge Bush's "pal," persecutor Johnny Sutton.

Sutton was also the mastermind behind the atrocious conviction of Deputy Sheriff Gil Hernandez, who dared fire a weapon at a van full of illegals who were trying to run him down. One was very slightly injured. Hernandez got a year in jail; the illegals got green cards and money from our government.

Thank God there are a few people who give a damn about this insanity. One is CNN host Lou Dobbs, who spoke to my Member of Congress, Dana Rohrbacher, as well as Texas congressman Ted Poe, both of whom have tried to overcome the forces of Bush's do-anything-for-illegal-aliens storm troopers.

Watch both of these clips. They are among the very few places where you can hear the outrage this travesty of justice deserves.

Oddly enough, great defenders of Law and Order and Securing the Border such as Rash Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, not to mention those great pundits of the blogosphere, such as Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter, have been largely silent about the Ramos/Compean debacle. Much easier for them to whine about the kind of meaningless political trivia that does not affect real Americans, I guess.

The three would-be presidential candidates, one and all advocates of throwing the borders wide open, haven't said a word about this issue. And of course Jorge Bush, who has been proving with each new "decision" that he intends to give Jimmy Carter a race for the title of America's Worst President, stands firmly behind Sutton, his "good buddy."

It's about time the drug-smuggling lying slimeball faces true justice. Sutton and his pit-bull, Debra Kanof, should have adjoining cells. So, too should Jorge Bush. Criminals should not be allowed to prosper from their misdeeds.

And Ramos and compean should be free, with full restoration of their rights and jobs. They should be compensated for this miscarriage of justice, too.


John0 said...

I emailed some of the pundits you mentioned about this long ago---no response.
Oddly, I think Michael Savage is the only one of the radio screamers who has called it for what it is. I'll check those links. This is some scary stuff, but people don't get all the far reaching implications.

John0 said...

Oh yea, when I wrote to my senator, I got a reply thanking me for my interest in something to do with Medicaid.