Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Bad days...

...in the neighborhood.

Early Sunday morning, a woman -- some say she lived in a building adjacent to the one where I live -- committed suicide by jumping off the cliffs by the local park.

This evening, someone else either slipped or jumped from roughly the same location. As on Sunday, the LA Fire Department responded in force, with trucks, personnel, boats and a rescue helicopter which lifted the unfortunate person from the rocks...

In this instance, the latest word is that the victim was alive but "unresponsive" and suffered massive injuries.

On a more personal level, a dear friend (you will remember her from her messages and comments here keeping you informed while I was in hospital a month ago) has not felt well for several days. She went to the doctor today, and was diagnosed with pneumonia. She is back home tonight; I haven't yet been able to talk to her -- she sent an email and then went to bed -- but am presuming her doctor is dosing her heavily with antibiotics.

For obvious reasons, it scares the hell out of me to hear that anyone else has pneumonia.

For those of you who pray -- and those who dispense kind wishes -- please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. She is a very special person, very much in my heart, and I hope you'll join me in wishing her a speedy and total recovery.


Anonymous said...

Please send her ALL the best from me!! And give her a big hug when you get the chance.

"Birdie" from the office.... {hugs}

emd said...

Give her the best from me, too. I hope she gets over that REAL soon!

Man, I didn't hear ANYTHING about those people who went off the cliffs!

betty said...

How awful about the cliffs. :(
Please give your friend my best. She was so wonderful to keep us informed while you were sick. I'll add her to my prayers.

susananne said...

I will certainly pray for her, she was a blessing to us all when you were so ill. (( hugs ))

John0 said...

I'l be sending all god rhoguhts her way.
I hope to hear she is recovering rapidly.

Anonymous said...

Sad news. I'll double up on my prayers to include your good friend.


Coyoteluck said...

That picture is beautiful and says there's a ray of hope hovering over all of us, especially your friend.