Sunday, January 04, 2009

Mr Domestic, me...

...sort of.

Spent part of today cleaning up the pad.

You may now all say "big deal!" in unison.

It makes me appreciate my new, smaller quarters that much more: with less space, it takes less time to clean!

Strange, though, how a small place really emphasizes any dirt. Every little speck seems bigger. So it has become something of a weekly ritual for me, though this day I did more than usual, such as scrubbing the floors and washing some of the windows. I've never lived in a carpet-free place before; I brought a rug, but the rest is hardwood or synthetic tile, and therefore must be scrubbed. After, that is, everything else was dusted.

In contrast to my previous quarters next door, this one doesn't seem to get the black filth that drifts this way from the port. And I don't have to deal with numerous dirt-catching features that place had, like carpet that was used when I moved in, nooks and crannies that never looked neat and a heater that disgorged dirt no matter how often I changed the filter.

To tell the truth, I was not enthusiastic about keeping the old place neat, and in some ways didn't have to be. I had closets galore, good hiding places for crap I didn't need but couldn't bring myself to get rid of.

All that stuff's gone, now. No spare room for anything that isn't necessary or at least useful. Even so, it's a bit cramped, and when finances allow, I'll get a smaller desk and perhaps a few other items that don't take up more space than they absolutely have to.

Doesn't matter. I'm here, and I like it in most respects.

And it's clean. At least for a few days.


Fin said...

Part of me is envious. As you may have read, I had a furnace malfunction in my absence and for the second time in my life am having professionals clean seven rooms five closets and a basment.

Although I have made serious efforts including New Years resolutions to try to get rid of stuff, there is over a half century accumulation and it is slow and tedious work.

becomingkate said...

I'd always rented and always had carpet, and it grew to be such a burden! I just love that we have minimal carpet now, especially with Tokyo & Lola.
Have a good night Scrib! *hugs*

KIT said...

You are much more domesticated than I. I'm not much inclined to more than washing dishes and vacuuming floors and carpets. For our entire 30-years together it's been Thing2 who has done nearly all the laundry and hard scrubbing necessary to keep all the rest of the house clean.

Kimmywoo said...

I know this sounds house-wifey, but having a really clean house is very satisfying. It's a tangible acheivement. Does that sound strange?

old solider said...

always feels good to G.I a area.although i would need a bulldozer for mine :)

eo-per-nex said...

I was glad to move out of my old apartment. I had two roommates and they weren't the tidiest people in the world. Now I have a studio to myself. I noticed the same thing you mentioned about how the dirty spots stand out. At least it's my dirt.

Anonymous said...

We've "de-cluttered" per Realtors advice and put a dozen or more boxes in our little mini-warehouse. Now I'm realizing I don't miss any of it, not one bit. Simple really IS better. ;)


Doug said...

It takes me about an hour to sweep, mop and clean the bathroom. I don't mind a few dishes in the kitchen, but what Kimmywoo said is true, a clean living space is a tangible achievement.

gillardia said...

I'm glad you are enjoying the new place. I'm looking forward to getting a new place myself.


Roz said...

I would do better if I didn't have all these other people. They won't let me throw things out. Both my son and Jim are pack rats. I just keep shoving it in the basement. LOL

tamale said...

no idea how this dotish site works...but I am here