Thursday, November 13, 2008

The 'net's back on...

...after ten freekin' days, most of which featured at least two -- and more often three or more -- increasingly angry phone calls from me to AT&T. And to think my irritation began when someone from New Delhi (or Mumbai, or wherever in India) informed me that no, I could not transfer my phone and internet service to the new digs simultaneously, and would have to wait as long as five days after the phone service was moved to get DSL service.

Silly me.

Today, however, calm has been temporarily restored, at least on that score. My new modem arrived, I hooked it up, and lo and behold! things worked. After 378 emails (and 115 or so spam messages) had been read and dealt with, I was good to go.

This is the courtyard of the new place...

I don't have the nerve to show the inside. Maybe later. But then, maybe not, as it's jam-packed with bookcases, bed and desk. I don't feel bad about that, but it doesn't look so swell. Could be when the boxes and general litter are dealt with, it'll feel a little better.

Still moving stuff from the old place to either storage or the dumpster. It will probably take another four days or so, part-time. I just don't have the will (or pain-free back) necessary to do it all in one frenzied rush.

Anyway, I'm here, in case anyone cares. It could be worse....

Things have gotten to a state where it seems totally pointless to think they could be better.

In time, maybe.

Don't really feel like getting into all that right now.


joan said...

Wow! Plant lovers. Very festive looking. Hope you can get your new nest fixed to suit.

DAL said...

I'm in my new place, and I wish I had trashed a small pickup truck load of things I will likely never read or look at again. I don't even want the paintings I brought.

But, once I get rid of a bunch of crap and put the rest away, I'll have room for a bed :-)

ben said...

Of course we care!
What a nice looking pathway through there! A plant lover's dream - me!
Glad to hear you're getting things situated.
Good to see you back.

Ptolemy said...

And there's a neighborhood cat! Take your time, if you can... It's just good to see you're "back."

S said...

Think of it as temporary, if you have to. Enjoy the plants and wildlife.

Welcome back Scribbles.


Anonymous said...

Cute courtyard! Have you made acquaintence with the kitteh yet?

Kari said...

WB. Thanks for checking in w/me. Doing better.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear form you Scribbs. That's a pretty nice looking place. Seems very neat and tidy. I've heard it said everyone should move every 5 years of so just to clear out all the accumulated junk. I guess this is your big chance. Take care of that back. :)


Anonymous said...

I am glad you got most of it moved and are back on-line. I have missed you. Do like the plants.