Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I voted early today...

...and I'm glad I did.

But this is not a political rant: not much later, I banged the bejeebers out of my hand moving furniture, and right now it hurts so much that I'd have trouble gripping the little dot-maker gadget in the voting machine.

It'll heal, of course.

One thing that can make you feel really lonely is trying to move a big, heavy bookcase down a flight of stairs and then on to a new place all by yourself. Only four more of them -- they'll all fit -- and boxes of what goes in 'em left to do.

Thanks to AT&T, I now have no phone service at either place. Some time tomorrow, I have to move desk and computer, and will be internet-free until Thursday. Not the way I wanted it, but what is?

I will have to talk to the new manager about the bathtub there. It is really scungy; I tried cleaning it with my favorite Toxic Avenger Bathroom-destroying Fluid, to no avail. I don't much enjoy a grimy shower....

At any rate things are beginning to fall into place. Slowly, too slowly, but they progress.

I only wish someone was here to bandage my hand, coo sympathetically, and drag me kicking and screaming out of my dark mood.

I'm a wimp. I admit it.


Anonymous said...

If I wasn't a thousand miles away I'd come help you, but I absolutely draw the line at coo-ing sympathetically. (I really would help you, Scribbs:)

I hope your hand feels better soon, and you can soon enjoy your new digs.


MrScribbler said...

S -- for some strange reason, I wasn't exactly thinking of getting sympathetic cooing from you! ;-)

Hand is doing a bit better now, thanks.

Anonymous said...

If you was closer I would help. Maybe put a band aide on your hand. Poor thing.

picaboblu said...

Naval Jelly. . .for the tub, not the hand! After the hurricane and subsequent flood drove me out of my house I needed somewhere cheap and close by while I rebuilt.

Couldn't bring myself to touch the tub until my dad recommended naval jelly for the biggest layer of rust I've ever seen in a tub. That glowing pink stuff not only removed the rust, but every other grunge along with it--mold, mildew, things I don't want to identify. Landlord yelled about me replacing his tub (like scuzzy was better?).

Best wishes on the remaining moving.

sugarcane said...

After tonight's sheep-herding for president incident, I've decided I'm moving to France.

I know. That's no help to you, but I'm just so depressed about this.

Hope your hand feels better.

John0 said...

It does take more planning and use of ropes, leverage, wheels etc when moving heavy household furniture solo. It's a bitch in many ways.

Kimmywoo said...

Hey Scrib - good luck with the move. A change is as good as a....?! And AT&T sounds a lot like our Telstra. Very frustrating!

joan said...

Hope things are falling into place. We miss you around here.

Kit said...

I hope your move is done and that you come back to us soon.

Birdie said...

I sure hope the move ran smoothly. I'm looking forward to your next up-date!