Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm thinkin' about this...

...idea, which you can read about here.

It seems one Ian Usher, a Brit living in Australia, decided to put his life up for sale on eBay. The winning bidder gets Usher's house, car, motorcycle, clothes and friends, plus a tryout at his job. Usher plans to take the proceeds and head off into the sunset in hopes of being able to set up afresh.

The impetus was, apparently, the breakup of Usher's marriage.

So for, the top bidder is offering almost $300,000 for the package.

I can't offer the goodies Usher's throwing in. No house, no car, no motorcycle.

But I'm willing to offer up everything I have:

A vast magazine collection, including several hundred magazines featuring my stories;

A pretty good library;

Clothes, mostly old, but all clean;

A mountain of debt;

Contact information -- some current, some not -- for all the women who have rejected me;

Contact information for all my clients -- some of whom are still in business -- who will, I'm sure, be glad to give you a shot at doing my work;

A bicycle, in good shape but sitting on two flat tires;

Miscellaneous junk, including videos, CDs, vinyl records, toys, etc., etc.;

Lots of memories: some good, too many bad.

Any bidders?


John0 said...

Amazing that the guy has bidders. It must not be such a bad life he's selling. I'd put mine up for bid, but I think I'm the only one who would know how to handle my life. I'd hate to sell it and find ou the buyer gets no enjoyment out of it. It's too funny and unusual to risk some ne'er do well taking over, missing the entertaining aspects.

Anonymous said...

Would I get your high-performance driving skills in the deal?


Anonymous said...

My prediction is that you are going to see a LOT of this now. I suspect it will become commonplace.


Japee said...

Wonder what he does for work. A "try out for my job" doesn't mean much. It's crazy but would be different if they were buying a life style they could support.

jusnif said...

fly to australia and move in with that guy! start a business selling frustrating lives on ebay.