Friday, September 17, 2010

The Return of "Jim"

My friend Juanderlust suggests (in a comment on a previous post) that I haven't been writing here often enough, and he's right.

It has been a difficult few months, Jim.

But all is not lost. Not all "all," anyway. Whenever presented with an opportunity to smile, I can still manage it.

One prime example is this TV commercial, which makes me smile every time I see it. It never gets old. In fact I am beginning to believe this may be the best TV commercial in recorded history, the absolute pinnacle of the art since Philo Farnsworth invented the Boob Tube oh so many years ago:

PARENTHETICAL IT-AIN'T-LIKE-RIDIN'-A-BICYCLE THOUGHT: Did that work? I've forgotten everything I knew about HTML. Advancing age and creeping senility, I suppose. Or maybe I never really had a firm grasp of the fundamentals.

One reason for my silence -- and I'm always ready with excuses for my multitudinous failings -- is that I am so used to writing for money; when the ol' spondulix were rollin' in* I didn't have much trouble batting out posts for free in my spare time. It was fun.

"Fun" and I don't have much to do with each other these days. My last writing gig was something like three months ago, and efforts to find a local gig -- any gig -- have been met with uniform disinterest.

So I'm nowhere near being Mr Happy Dude right now.**

But I do have some music stashed in my computer to listen to -- a good bit of my CD collection was salvaged during the Big Crash back in April, but is still in L.A. -- and my old photos to look at. Not much, really, but one clings to sanity with whatever resources are available.

I also have access to the "little piggy," who cracks me up without fail when I see him on the Tube.

And I got you, Jim. Wish you'd buy me a drink, like in the old days....

* Okay, make that dribbling in....

** There is one exception to the no-happiness situation, but that's far away from reaching the talk-about-it stage as of now.


Breath-e said...

I love that commercial! Unfortunately, I feel like Mrs. A most of the time and not the little piggy.

MrScribbler said...

Same here, Breath-e, though I suppose I'd be more like the little kid in the back seat with the piggy.

But I would much rather be going "Weeeeeee...weeee...weee...weeeeeee!"all the way home.

Someday, maybe....

Dorrie said...

Please give Betty a hug from me!! And a virtual hug from me to you, too.
I may be flying to SD in 2 weeks... both my parents are going downhill.

Oh, and if you read my last entry here at blogger... I, too, am writing less and less. *sigh*

aka mag said...

Smart man that Juanderlust. You should be writing more. Writing makes you happy. (And reading your writing makes me happy.) Those are good things and you deserve all good things.

becomingkate said...

First I couldn't afford TV (cable or satellite) then I'm too busy to stay home for the hook up. That's the first time I've seen that commercial. LOL!

Good luck with finding work - it'll happen, sooner or later!

John0 Juanderlust said...

It cracks me up to hear that this ad cracks you up. Cynical Mr Scrib. It is a good piece of work.
I guess I'm more like the piggy than the others in the car, although I hate to say it. I don't like piggies or the word piggy.
I think that kid in back is actually Jim.

MrScribbler said...

JohnO -- So I'm a cynic who, in his heart of hearts, is a little kid who digs piggies and wants to cry "weeeee...weee...weee...weeeeee!" all the way home.

And I've had more than my share of "Mrs. As" who sighed with relief when I got out of the car, too.

Jim ain't happy that you unmasked him, dude.