Saturday, February 07, 2009

"They" say it's gonna rain...

...but I'm convinced it won't rain here for a while...

Why do I even mention this? There are far more important things than some random precipitation to be concerned with.

Octomom continues to make headlines. This simple girl, whose sole purpose in life if you ask her is to have babies (and, apparently, to emulate Angelina Jolie, puffy-lip-wise), has now cranked out 14 of them, eight in the last delivery. Never mind that she can't afford to give them what they need without government help; she wants to have them, and so went trotting off to fertility clinics where unscrupulous doctors filled her with embryos.

This woman is just plain nuts.

But her saga pales in comparison to the hundreds of Octomoms in the U.S. Congress. The senescent fools in Washington -- and the president -- seem convinced that spending almost a trillion dollars we don't have, that simply don't exist, will somehow save the nation from the current economic crisis.

It's as if you and I decided to write checks we can never cover. I admit I'd like to do that -- I really have the hots to own a Porsche and a nice house -- but I somehow think it wouldn't work out so well if I chose to begin spending wildly with nothing in the bank to cover it.

No matter how much they howl about needing to do this right now, it's a stupid idea.

What we need is to have our so-called "leaders" spend less, while simultaneously loosening their legislative hold on businesses that actually employ people.

Why do I bother writing about this? A lot of Americans seem to want something for free, and they are being listened to. Those of us who want to do our jobs without regulations and exorbitant taxation are in the minority.

I have no children, but your children, and their children, are going to be paying for the lunacy of the "Stimulus" legislation about to be passed.

And who will benefit? The pals of those in government, that's who. Wall Street operators will make fortunes from the "Stimulus," and so will various Senators and Representatives whose campaign funds will be be swelled by contributions by those who are going to be cut into the cash.

Better for me to stick to the weather.

Sure looks like it's gonna rain...


Kashew said...

No rain there?? Impressive rainfall here. Now I won't need a stimulus check to fill my pool...I just know that our GREAT leader made that happen to make my life better

*dislodging tongue from cheek

Benita said...

I agree with your thoughts on the stimulus checks. More wasteful spending...