Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The Museum Expands... fact, it has doubled in size!

A couple of days ago, D. and I were out doing errands and decided to stop at a local thrift store to check out the merchandise.

I don't recall us actually buying anything there before now, as they never have bookcases, their selection of books doesn't match either the Transfer Station's "Book Barn" or the library sales, and the rest of what they carry tends to be standard thrift-store fare, which is stuff I don't want/need.

But on this trip, one item called out to me. Its calls were amplified by a $5.00 pricetag. I didn't haggle; I bought.

I wonder if everyone recognizes this....
This is my second Smith-Corona typewriter. I started with my parents' ancient Underwood, graduated to the S-C, and ended up with a Remington-Rand electric before joining the Computer Age back in 1987.

A little cleaning and a replacement ribbon (I hope someone still makes typewriter ribbons) and it will be just fine. Everything works as-is.

Now that I have this, all I need to survive the Apocalypse would be a Linotype machine and a printing press....

Don't think I'm kidding -- I would love to have both!

Along with a 4 X 5 Speed Graphic "press" camera (with bulb flash) and a fedora, naturally.

PARENTHETICAL JUST-IN-CASE-YOU'VE-FORGOTTEN THOUGHT: The other half of my Typewriter Museum was introduced here....


Doug said...

I can't remember if I failed the typing course in high school on an Underwood or a Remington-Rand.

MrScribbler said...

Doug -- You actually took a typing class? Dang...I never did.

I've gained pretty good speed with my two/four finger "system," though not as much speed as I picked up when I got a computer with spell-check software in it.

Maybe you're too young to remember those movies (typically in B&W) where the hard-boiled reporter sat at a battered desk and cranked out copy using two fingers only. I remember *cough*.

Ptolemy said...

I took a class in high school and all the "lucky" kids got electric typewriters but I had to start on a manual... I have NO idea what kind it was... When an organization I volunteer with decided to start using a three-part form -- ugh, return to the DARK AGES -- I actually bought a simple electric typewriter to type them up with. I do not like to hand-write in volume... For $5, you found a nice bit of nostalgia!

Anonymous said...

I had a Smith Corona Skywriter portable as my first real purchase from my paper route...sometime around 1953.

Loved it! It died in the trunk of a '66 triumph spitfire on the east end of the George Washington bridge, decades later.


B said...

My mother has an old typewriter lying around in her house, actually... I'm looking at it right now. She is an antique collector, loves the old junk. Sometimes goes as far as going into dumpsters at the dump for a buried treasure.