Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas, and...

...but first, Merry Christmas, courtesy of the good folks in nearby Gloucester (a seafarin' town) who assembled a tree from lobstah traps and floats, plus strategically placed ornaments and lights.

Even the lobstahs get a holiday!

As for the "and" bit:  herewith, an unsolicited testimonial for Richard's Delicious Seasoning, which came to us as a present from JohnO. He's currently Somewhere In Florida, but shipped the tasty stuff before leaving home.

The seasoning is delicious, noticeable but not overwhelming, with a peppery (but pleasant) aftertaste. And is salt- and MSG-free, if that's of interest to you. John advised that it is suitable for "fish or flesh," neither of which he eats. So far, I can only report that it's remarkably tasty when sprinkled on meat. Other uses will no doubt come to mind. Get some; you'll like it.

All presents acquired. All I need to do now is wrap 'em. Which is what I'm off to do.


Doug said...

Merry Christmas, Mr. Scribbler.

John0 Juanderlust said...

Good to have the feedback on Richard's. I suspect that carnivores find it tasty, although they may question my creds when it comes to suggesting its use.

Oddly, a vegetarian questioned my creds when suggesting Stone Soup in Memphis as the place for breakfast or lunch. "Oh, I was trying to look up their menu on the internet to see if they were vegetarian friendly".
Nouveau vegetarians fear my support for hunters and ranchers, and lack of political motive or holy assertions that I am saving the earth. I doubt they'd even try Richard's. A symptom of what is amiss in America today.