Sunday, August 05, 2012

Signs that make you say "hmmmmm...."

I guess this one would qualify, yes?

D. and I were recently in New Bedford visiting some of her family. We happened to see this while driving through town; I must say I'm glad I wasn't driving, as I probably would have run into something while digging out my camera....

Now, I am not what you'd call really hip regarding some aspects of religion. I've spent a lot of time in churches, more than I've spent drinking beer. My pipe-organ service work accounts for a majority of those hours in Houses of the Lord, but never mind that. I simply haven't seen anything quite like this before*.

Well, one time I did. Many years ago, I was working on the installation of a new pipe organ in a Catholic church. We had been at it for several hot days, and were almost to the point where the heavy lifting had been completed. Father O' Something-or-other (I don't remember his name, but he was a foine old Irish priest who could have been played in the movies by the late Pat O' Brien) walked in and said (in a lush Ould Sod  brogue), "you lads look like you could use a beer." He proceeded to bring in a couple of six-packs of tall ones and -- dare I say it? -- a church key.

I don't think they were Budweisers, though.

But they were appreciated, even if one result was that we delayed some of the more skilled work (such as tuning) until the next day.

Perhaps, time permitting, I should have dropped by this feast and looked to see if Father O' Something-or-other has been transferred to New Bedford....

* You might say I'm a believer in the Separation of Church and Beer. Or not.